OOur Thanksgiving -- 11/30/08

Yes, I'm a couple of days late in posting about our Thanksgiving gathering. (Even though when Tom said "And I suppose we'll see these pictures on the Internet" and I replied "Yes, of course.")

Naturally, before we can sit down to a huge feast, we have to have various foods to prime our appetites... veggies and chips and dips and cheese and breads...
Veggies and chips and dips and cheese
Nancy's sister Sue And here is our hostess -- Nancy's sister Sue.

Just as last year, Sue invited everyone to her house (in Connecticut).

As long-time readers of this site are aware, Nancy is from a family of ten -- add in spouses and children and grandchildren -- and even if everyone can't get together every year, it still adds up to a considerable number of people (generally around forty or so).
(On years when we have gathered everyone in Rhode Island, we have generally had a Thanksgiving Eve get-together at our house and have held Thanksgiving dinner itself in a borrowed parish hall.)

Our Thanksgiving dinner gathering

post-prandial conversations After dinner there was time for more convivial conversations...
for brothers and sisters and in-laws and nieces, nephews, and cousins to chat.
And time for a walk around the neighborhood in order to be able to appreciate the array of desserts: pumpkin pies and apple pies and cherry pies and cakes and cookies and donuts and banana bread and apple-cranberry crisp. (And, after this picture was taken, a birthday cake was brought out because a 17th birthday was also being celebrated.) Dessert: pies and cakes and cookies, oh my!

(Note: Jill upheld family tradition by running the Newport Pie Run -- she ran the five miles in 43:33, which is an 8:43 per mile pace, not bad at all considering she had not been doing any real training for it, just going out a couple times a week for two miles or so. Eli also ran the race, although he is a hiker and a rock wall climber, not a runner. Well done!)

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