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Check it out... A history of online diaries and journals. I've got an entry under the section on personal recollections.
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Yeah, the usual kind of thing... no need to keep checking to see if there is a new entry; I've got a notify list. It is a hand-made list (so no need to join e-groups, no advertising, etc. other than whatever promotional stuff Yahoo adds to email) and I'll send it using bcc so nobody will see your email address. Interested? Drop me a note: jimsjournal AT yahoo.com (where you change " AT " to "@") And, of course, you can escape from the list in the same way.

48 Hour Filmmaker: Providence 2009

48 Hour Filmmaker: Providence 2010

48 Hour Filmmaker: Providence 2011

48 Hour Filmmaker: Providence 2012

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September 26, 1996
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