O It's December? So soon? -- 12/02/08

Oh, my goodness, how can it be December already? I'm so seriously not ready for this. (It seems like just a few weeks ago I was setting up the directory structure to hold my 2008 entries and photographs, and now I've just got four weeks to find time to do it again to be ready for 2009!)

I'm feeling very time-crunched right now because I still have projects to finish for my Flash course -- the last class is coming up this Friday night and everything has to be submitted by then.

The only reason I have time to write this is because this morning I had two teeth extracted and I think the effects of the pain-blocking meds mean I should not attempt much of anything. (I took the afternoon off from work and spent most of it lying in bed with an icepack on my face to control the swelling.) Eventually I hope to get titanium screws put in to hold a pair of crowns. The trouble is, first we have to wait for complete healing from the extraction, and then have to wait again to be sure the screws have been successfully installed before getting the crowns. So it may be autumn before the replacement is complete. (And I shudder to think of the cost, not to mention that our dental insurance covers very little of it.)

Yes, it's almost time for Holidailies 2008 -- where online journalers and bloggers sign up to promise to attempt to post an entry every day during the holiday period. This year (fortunately!) the first day of Holidailies will be December 5th -- and we are supposed to try to post an entry every day from December 5th through January 6th.

A quick glance down the list shows me that several sites that are on my regular reading list have signed up: Bev Sykes' Funny the World, Bozoette's Red Nose, Megan's Elbowglitter, and Sarah's Rhubarb. I've been reading Bev since sometime in 2000, Bozoette since 2004, Megan since forever (she was an undergraduate when I began reading her -- she is a lawyer these days), and have been reading Sarah for the past two years.

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