Movember -- 11/22/08

Movember -- that is a combination of November with Mo, Australian slang for moustache. There is an international moustache growing event to raise money to combat prostate cancer. The event began in Australia but has now become world wide, including here in the U.S. The idea is that guys start out clean shaven at the end of October and then start growing their moustaches during the month of November Movember to raise money. My eldest has enlisted in this cause. (Should you be interested in making a donation, you can go to Adam's MoSpace.)

"Old friends" -- that's the title I'd give to this picture...

Jill and Tiger -- she was playing a video game one night this week and her old buddy just had to snuggle up next to her for his evening nap. (Tiger turned fifteen this spring. He was just a kitten when he joined our family, when Jeremy was eight and Jill was eleven.)

She has made an adorable Web page in Flash -- a photo gallery of pictures of Tiger. No, it's not actually on the Web yet... she's still working on parts of it... but I promise a link to it when she is ready to put it on the Web. (One of the requirements of the final project is that the Web page built in Flash has to be put up on the Web to show it actually works on the Internet.) Yes, I will also be showing you my stuff (but Jill has been producing much nicer looking stuff than I have... she has a lot of talent with graphics.

Gee, I was posting every two or three days and then bam, a ten day gap. Busy. Busy with work, busy with Flash, busy with the house...
What you see on the left is a small large fortune in hardwood flooring that I think I have mentioned that we are going to have put in Jill's room, Jeremy's room, and the upstairs hallway. (No, not our room, simply can't afford it... maybe someday.) So we have had to move all of the furniture (and everything else) out of those rooms (that was written in past tense and a lot of it has been done but there are still some piles of odds and ends that have to be stored or disposed of) and we also have to paint the walls -- all of them -- and then rip up the existing wall-to-wall carpeting (including in the closets). In the meanwhile, the flooring is piled up in our living room.

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