A windy day at the beach -- 05/27/08

Nancy and I put in four hours or so on Saturday doing various lawn and garden chores (and then I put in an hour or two more before breakfast on Sunday). Other than those chores, we spent most of the rest of the weekend relaxing and visiting with family.

On Sunday we met up with a couple of Nancy's sisters and a couple of nieces and spent most of the afternoon at Salty Brine Sate Beach -- which I pictured here last year, so I won't burden the Internet with new pictures -- well, maybe just one, just to set the mode of a sunny day at the beach.

Naturally we had to walk over to Champlin's for a seafood lunch. That's become a family tradition -- Salty Brine beach and lunch at Champlin's.

Dinner at my mother-in-law's house....

Just a picture of half of the crowd (Nancy's sisters Clara and Janet, Janet's daughter Lauren, Janet's husband Tom, Mom, Nancy -- not shown, additional nephews and nieces, including Gillian).

Memorial Day was also a bright and sunny day

Just a picture of the front of our house -- blue sky and sunshine, azalea bushes and lilacs...

But it was also a very windy day, especially at the beach. There was a strong wind coming straight across the water and onto the shore. It was t-shirts and shorts weather at our house, but at East Matunuck Beach (less than five miles straight line distance from our house) everyone was wearing sweatshirts. (Okay, so my niece was in a bikini, but a few minutes later she gave up and put on a sweatshirt and sweatpants.)

So I shot some video of a windy day at the beach...

And, after a while, although the sun and the blue sky and the waves were all lovely, the wind just made things too cold... and so we packed up and left...

But not before pausing so niece Caitlin could get a doughboy* (and the line of grass-covered sand dunes provided some shelter from the wind).

*doughboy -- a flat piece of deep-fried dough usuallycovered with powdered sugar -- also known as fried dough, elephant ear, pizza frita, flying saucer, etc. (or, in Canada, a beaver tail)

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