Salty Brine Beach -- 05/15/07

Yes, a beach entry...

The beach is Salty Brine State Beach, named for Rhode Island's beloved radio and TV host, the late Salty Brine (1918-2004). It is located next to the entrance to Point Judith Pond (with docks for the local fishing fleet, the Block Island Ferry, and numerous pleasure boats). (Google satellite view) This is also the location for the annual Blessing of the Fleet.
Saturday around lunch time Nancy and I met three of her sisters and two nieces at the beach parking lot and set out on a walk along the beach.

If you walk far enough (about half a mile) you come to Roger Wheeler State Beach (which itself covers perhaps 3000 feet of shore).

For a view of Roger Wheeler Beach with more people, see theses entries -- 08/02/04 and 09/25/06 (yes, both include many pictures of grandson Sam).
The above picture shows the view when walking back to Salty Brine from Roger Wheeler.

Our destination was Champlin's Seafood -- our family favorite seafood restaurant -- where we met Nancy's mother and another niece and then the nine of us sat down to some good seafood lunches.
The lobster was for one of our nieces.

Instead of fish and chips, I had fish and deep fried breaded onion rings. Yummy!

You can look down from Champlin's 2nd floor outdoor deck and see some of the fishing boats that caught the fish you are eating. (For example, the FV Deborah Lee and the FV Isabella Rose in the photo below.)

The out-of-town sisters and nieces were visiting for Mother's Day weekend and Saturday evening we gathered at Nancy's mother's house for dinner (which ran a bit late because we all sat around talking after dinner until past ten o'clock that night).

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