The colors of May -- 05/23/08

I really should update this site more frequently. I want to. I think about it... but then I just run out of time to actually do it. Ah well, this is the third entry this week (we'll ignore the fact that the entire first half of the month was empty).

Besides things like working and grocery shopping and cooking and eating and -- oh yeah -- more working... I do get involved in other activities... including doing other Web pages (such as for Kinney Bungalow and the South County Culture Coalition)... I'm also involved with the Friends of the Peace Dale Library. We had our annual meeting on Monday. I went to the meeting as a worker bee and came home as vice president. (I made the president swear that she will look both ways before crossing the street and will absolutely not step in front of a moving bus.)

However, I did want to put up a "colors of May" photo entry. (Actually, I had also wanted to put up a "colors of April" entry but that one appears to have gotten away from me... well, maybe next year.)

The University of Rhode Island's Flowering Crabapple Tree Display Garden -- taken during their annual Spring Open House (May 10th)

The play of sun and shade on green vegetation, bright yellow house and fence, and the white blossoms on a tree along the back of the driveway. On the main street through Kingston (RI) on Saturday May 17th.

White and green and shadow... on a residential street on the edge of the URI campus, Kingston, RI, May 17th.

One of the azaleas in front of our house, May 18th. Almost too bright to look at.

Lilacs by our house, May 18th. I planted several lilacs the first year we were here and I enjoy them every spring.

Bright green new leaves and bright blue skies -- our backyard, May 18th.

That's it... just wanted to share a few photographs with you.

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