Activities for the middle of May -- 05/19/08

One of my activities (a week ago Sunday) was to visit The Farmer's Daughter garden center and pick up some plants (various kinds of lettuce -- romaine, red romaine, red oakfleaf, swiss chard, bok choy), some basil, some eggplant). and get them into the ground in my garden. (The very green plants in the foreground are parsley, planted several years ago and keeps coming back.)
This is also our birthday time of year -- me late in April, Jill on May 10th, and then Jeremy on May 16th -- so we do a bit of birthday partying.

We went to the Mews Tavern for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and then went there again for Jill's birthday this past week and then back home for unwrapping of presents. (As you can see, Tiger is quite interested in that package (which contained chocolate-coated coffee beans, something Jill is quite fond of).
And here's Jill wearing one of her birthday presents -- a t-shirt from Wychwood, brewers of Hobgoblin (the shirt says "Afraid you might taste something, Lagerboy?") -- yes, Hobgoblin is one of Jill's favorites -- in fact, we both had two Hobgoblins when we were at The Mews for her birthday dinner.

Around noon on Saturday, Nancy and I got together with her mother and her sister Janet and wandered around Kingston during their annual village festival (which mostly consisted of book sales at the library and the historical society, a yard sale and lunch at the Kingston Congregational church (yes, people do refer to it as "King Cong"), and open houses at the art galleries, etc.

Some of the buildings along the main street were built when King George II was still on the throne and this area was known as King's County (prior to the, uh, disagreement that took place after George III ascended to the throne and the name was changed to Washington County... although, as I have mentioned, everyone calls it "South County" despite the official name). The two white buildings in the picture below presently belong to the South County Art Association -- the one nearest to the camera, built in 1759, is used as a pottery studio, and the other, built in 1802 (almost brand new), holds their display galleries.

We celebrated Jeremy's birthday Saturday night with a cookout with his friends -- I bought the food and Jeremy did the cooking. Below: Jeremy at outdoor gas grill -- on the left: Jeremy with his traditional giant birthday cookie.

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