Crabman 2014

Hey, this is Gillian, Jim's daughter. Long ago I had planned to brush up on my old HTML skills and keep this site updated. I know a lot of you have followed him, and my family, for years if not decades. I've gotten in contact with a few of you through facebook, but I've always kept in my mind to keep my dad's voice going online. So here it goes, with some wonderful tech support from my Uncle Charlie (who might remember being called Uncle Trolley).

Last weekend I completed the Crabman Triathlon. It was quite the intense physical and emotional undertaking. I had a lot of emotional support and quite the online cheerleader section. Now that I've done it once, I am entertaining thoughts about joining the battle again next summer.

I've got some pictures that I'll add down below (and cross my fingers that this all goes smoothly). I hope to keep an updating schedule much like my dad had. Thanks for reading, I know my dad was very fond of his blogging community.


Thanks for stopping in to see JimsJournal... we will add a whole new set of 2014 folders etc shortly *edit 08/04/2014* There is now a new 2014 page (it can also be found by clicking the book below the bookshelf on the index).

Standing on the beach before the start of the race with my Uncle Paul and Aunt Clara.

Running with my dad's bike to the transition area to start the run. I'm #134
Running towards the finish!

Finish Line!

My mom and I, right after the race.

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