Run4Kerri 2014

Here we go with another posting! I ran another race today. This one was just a run, no biking or swimming involved. The Run 4 Kerri is one of the runs that my father and I ran pretty much every year. We had a whole series of races that became a tradition to do (schedules and injuries allowing). Hare Hop in March was almost always our first run of the year. As the first we were often quite rusty and the very slightly hilly course seemed like more of an effort than the ones that came later, after practice. The James Joyce Ramble was next up. This one was a 10k (6.2 or so miles) with people dressed in period costume reading from assorted James Joyce works. It usually took place on or around my dad's birthday. One year, due to how the weekends worked out, he was the same age for the race two years in a row. The summer was a string of races, at least one a month. Katie DeCubellis 5k, Camire's 4 Miler (on the 4th of July. They stopped putting this on, I ran the last one with my dad), Celebrate Summer 5k, the Blessing of the Fleet (when my dad ran this, I thought it was far too long. But, when I decided that I liked that distance, my dad's bunions rebelled and he switched to helping me eat victory wings). The Run 4 Kerri fell towards the end of the summer running session. We had a few races in the fall. We usually did the CVS downtown 5k. The Pie Run in Newport was a long time tradition for my father and I. In recent years we have lured more and more of the family to join us (the 5k walk is more appealing than the 5 mile run to some, but we have a good turn out for both of them. It makes for a completely guilt free extra helping of everything Thanksgiving).

Quite the rambling about races. There were several year stretches where I didn't race with my dad. But, for the most part, I've been running in races with him since I was little. I'm glad I have so many pre and post race pictures with him. Any time I lagged behind when I was little, or wanted to stop, he would point out somone and say "Jill, that girl is going to beat you!" Well, I wouldn't want some random girl to beat me! With a surge I would dash ahead. Those were in the days of the Octoberfast, where I would run the kids one mile race, scarf down a bunch of hotdogs and junk food, and then join my dad for the 5k.

The HTML editor I'm using does not have a spell check on it. There might be a few instances of creative spelling in here.

Before I forget results... I finished in 32:27.14 (8:07/mi pace). Looking back, in 2012 I finished in 31:48.4 (7:58/mi pace) I guess that makes me pretty consistent?


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Pre-race shot with my mom (who was my chauffeur and paparazzi).

Dashing towards the finish line!
Post race picture from the 2012 Run 4 Kerri of my dad and I.

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