From YouTube to CBS -- 09/08/08

My brother sent me a message this morning with a URL and told me to check it out... The URL was for a Web site belonging to CBS television that has thousands of pieces of their news as video -- http://wcbstv.com/video/

So I went there and was puzzled -- which news item did he want me to see. He told me it probably had been pushed down in the stack, try going to the next page and look for a story about Hanna. And there it was, a story about cruise ships and Hanna... some video of water sloshing around in a cruise ship's swimming pool -- or, rather, splashing out of the pool as the ship rocked in the storm -- and then a couple of micro-interviews with passengers -- and then...
... the announcer tells about a Carnival Cruise Line ship that ended up in Newport, Rhode Island "as shown in this video" and as he said that, there was a clip from that little video I put on YouTube yesterday... there was my brother and Dolores and Sharon and Donna (the shot on the left shows Donna waving at my video camera).

Only about eight seconds but....

Charlie said they got phone calls from people who recognized them and said "We saw you guys on television!" The television networks' news departments must be waking up to the Web and doing regular searches of YouTube (and all of the other Web sites bringing video and photography, etc. that people have put together and posted from their cell phones and digital cameras and video cameras).

If you click to go to http://wcbstv.com/video/ -- there's a search box on the page a couple of inches down from the top (just above the array of little thumbnail pictures)-- just type "Hanna" in that search box -- The story would have a picture of a cruise ship in the thumbnail picture and "Hanna Leads to Bumpy Rides for Passengers" as the title.

Well, as long as I'm still talking about Friday, let me show you some pictures from Donna's camera that Charlie e-mailed to me this morning.

Here's the obligatory two-brothers-talking picture. (Nope, I
have no idea why a boat was parked on the sidewalk.)
The Wedding Party 42 years later: Dolores was Matron-of-Honor and I
was Best Man. Can those two kids in the middle really have just
celebrated their 42nd anniversary? Amazing! (Well, it has been two
years since that surprise 60-40-60 party for them.)

Okay, just one more picture. Donna took this one of Charlie when they were riding a shuttle boat back to their cruise ship. It may not be the Caribbean, but Newport does have some sailboats and yachts in its harbor...

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