60 - 40 - 60 --  05/23/06

In my last entry I commented that "Saturday will be busy (can't say anything about it because it involves a surprise for someone who reads this)" -- and now I can reveal that it was a surprise party for my brother and his wife. It was a 60 - 40 - 60 party because this year they will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary plus they are both part of the leading edge of the Baby Boom, both celebrating 60th birthdays this year.

The little black and white photo on the right was attached to floral centerpieces on each table at the party. Yes, forty years ago those two twenty-year old kids got married.

Their son and daughter (and spouses) and a niece and Donna's sister and brothers all successfully planned and conspired and managed a complete surprise.
The party was held at Mariner's Harbor restaurant in the historic Rondout district in Kingston, NY. Mariner's Harbor is in what used to be the Kingston Daily Freeman Building (I guess at some point the newspaper moved to the opposite end of town). This was a bustling and prosperous neighborhood a century ago, a rather seedy and run-down area when Charlie and I were kids, and then at least half of it was bull-dozed during the 1960's "Urban Renewal" insanity -- but now the area has become gentrified and it seems as if many of the buildings that avoided destruction have been refurbished and now provide space for restaurants, galleries, apartments, and condos. Who would have thought it was possible? (Certainly not all of those urban renewal "experts" who thought the only way to save cities was to destroy them, to tear down all of the interesting architecture and replace it with vacant lots and cinderblock housing projects.)

It was a good party...

Reliving the wedding...
Enjoying the party...
Donna & Charlie & Nancy & some old guy The happy Baby Boomers
Looking out at the Rondout Creek -- once an industrial waterway, now home to pleasure boats. There were somewhere around sixty-five people at the party enjoying good food and good company.
Did I mention lots of good food? And wedding cake...

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