Denver Doug -- 08/19/08

A dear friend whom I have never met has passed away.

I'm not sure exactly how old Doug was... somewhere in his late eighties. He and his wife were married the year I was born... and I turned sixty-five this spring.

Doug must have been about eighty when he discovered the Internet. I believe it was his children who first got him Web-TV and he took to wandering about the Internet, discovered the world of online journals and blogs, and then decided that he wanted to try that himself. He moved from Web-TV to having his own computer. He set up his own Web page, multiple Web pages actually, and multiple nicknames to go with them -- Denver Doug, Ion, Bastion, The Wondering Jew -- and he would comment on current events, describe visits with his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and reminisce about his life and his childhood and the City of Denver as it used to be. He also posted photographs he had taken and poetry he had written.

I never had the pleasure of meeting him in real life but I have met him through his online writing and photography and poetry and stories and through the many e-mail discussions we had about history and politics and computers and art and life. I will miss him but I will always have the memory of his words and his friendship.

Kelli posted the final entry today at Doug's Diaryland site.

Requiescat in pace, Doug.

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