Summer's end -- 08/31/08

Tomorrow is the last day of summer.

What's that, you say? The calendar clearly shows three more weeks of summer -- with the Autumnal Solstice coming on September 22nd this year (just shortly before noon Eastern Daylight Time to be somewhat more precise).

Ah, but this is Labor Day weekend in the U.S. and everyone knows Labor Day weekend is the end of summer. It is immediately followed by the start of school (except in those towns that have already started early for whatever reasons).

School starts on Tuesday in our town. Nancy already had to be there for a full day of faculty meetings this past Thursday. We had already put in some time in her classroom -- well, mostly her, but I usually try to help out with the heavy lifting, etc. and this year, given her recent bunion surgery, she really needed me to do the arrangement of student desks and moving the computer and anything that required standing on chairs or tables to reach. Tomorrow, Labor Day itself, will probably require an hour or two in her classroom to finish off the last bits of work needed to get everything set up just right for Tuesday. Needless to say, she has put in many hours in her home office (which I have dubbed "The Math Room") organizing material and reviewing lesson plans from past years and planning lessons for the coming year.

We had various family members over for dinner last night -- Nancy's sister Janet, husband Tom, and their three adult offspring (Mike, Lauren, Alison), and Nancy's sister Karen and her (adult) daughter Melissa -- plus Nancy and Jill and me -- which made for a tight squeeze getting everyone out onto our back deck (over which we have a tent-like roof and screen walls) but it was so pleasant sitting in the cooler outside air than it had been standing around in our hot kitchen eating various pre-meal munchies. Tom was joking with me, asking if photographs would show up on the Web. I said "of course" but actually they are still on the camera, not on my hard drive, so no pictures in this entry. In fact, as soon as Nancy comes down from taking a shower (she had just returned from spending some time at a beach with her sisters) we are going to go over to her mother's house for dinner to join everyone who had been at our house last night (except for Jill, who is working) plus Nancy's brother Jeff and his wife Patty and their daughter Nicole as well as Nancy's sister Sue and her husband Mike. (Remember, Nancy is one of ten, so tonight's gathering will still be missing five siblings).

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