On vacation -- 06/30/08

Yes, I'm "on vacation" -- Yes, after not posting an entry for two and a half weeks, I have the effrontery to suddenly pop up and declare that I am on vacation.

Well, actually, most of those missing journal entries were simply due to being too busy. Busy working, busy with garden and yard work, busy with various family get-togethers, just... you know, busy.

No... I really don't know where the time goes, but it certainly does, doesn't it?

But now I really am on vacation. Today has been charged as a vacation day. In fact, I have already filed my time accounting for the week:
Monday = vacation day, Tuesday = vacation day, Wednesday = vacation day, Thursday = vacation day, Friday = holiday. That's it -- my electronic virtual time card for the week has already been submitted.

And bright and early tomorrow morning -- well, actually dark-and-early so that we allow a ridiculous amount of time for standing in pointless lines with our shoes off in the pursuit of a theatrical appearance of security -- we are catching a big metal flying bird to carry us to California (uh, two big metal birds in fact, one to take us to Las Vegas where we will catch the second one that will take us to San Jose).

Nancy and I (plus our niece Lauren) are going to spend a few days visiting with Nancy's brother Matt and his family in Monterey and then we are going up to San Francisco for a couple of days to play tourist there. We are bringing no computers with us and, in fact, I fully anticipate not touching a keyboard until July 9th except for printing our boarding passes for the return flight.

Tiger has two windows through which he loves to watch the outside world: a kitchen window and a window in my office. I have an old dining room chair positioned in front of one of my office windows. I've folded up an old blue blanket and placed it on the wooden seat of the chair so that it would be more comfortable for him. Of course he not only likes to look out of the window, he also likes to nap in front of the window. Here is a picture of him asleep by the window. I guess he's on vacation too.

Jill will be taking care of him while we are gone, but I bet that he will be quite annoyed with me when I return. He is certainly miffed when I am missing for six days for that annual tech conference. It's true that several years ago I was frequently gone on business trips for a week or two but it was different then. He has become accustomed to having me around the house all day, every day -- so I am not just the Filler of the Food Dish, I am also the Dispenser of Cat Treats, the Opener of Windows, the Human Staff Member Available for Scratching Behind Ears, etc. Elderly cats, just like people, can get quite set in their ways.

Sleeping Tiger

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