Back from our vacation -- 07/10/08

The vacation is over... and I'm back amid the myriad mundane activities of the real world...
I had to go back to work yesterday but fortunately I had been wise enough to have scheduled a half day of vacation for the morning, so I was able to ease back into things and only worked in the afternoon. Today, of course, brought a full day in the salt mines.

Oh, okay, so sitting in my pleasant home office tickling a computer keyboard is not exactly working in a salt mine, but after a week or so of being in California, with views of flowers and plants and trees that we don't see here in Rhode Island and spending our time wandering about and having fun, it does feel strange to return to normal life.

We got back late Tuesday night... We flew from San Francisco International to Las Vegas, where we caught our flight back to Providence. The Providence leg of the journey was delayed for a little over an hour -- something about the airplane assigned to us was coming into Las Vegas from someplace else but was being held up by air traffic control due to thunderstorms somewhere -- it was bright and sunny and at least 105 degrees in Las Vegas (41 or so for those of you who divide things up differently) -- so instead of reaching Providence at 11:15 pm, it was actually past midnigh when we landed. Jill picked us up and brought us home and, knowing that we would be tired and hungry from our journey, she made us pancakes with fresh blueberries and strawberries and real maple syrup. (The pancake batter was real also, not from any mix.)

More detailed reports will follow -- with pictures -- of our visit to Monterey and to San Francisco, but not today... I took 476 photographs plus more than a dozen short video clips.

Here's a sign that we saw a lot along the Monterey coast.
Comforting, eh?

Anyway, here are two photographs of Nancy and me...

This one on the right is from the Monterey Bay area, just an easy walk down a pedestrian and bicycle path from the Cannery Row area of Monterey, in the town of Pacific Grove. Nancy and I are seated on a stone wall at a rocky area called Lover's Point.

The photograph below is of Nancy and me with the famous Golden Gate Bridge behind us... except that it is a bit difficult to see much of the bridge because of the San Francisco fog.

I'll try to post again tomorrow.

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