The end of March -- 03/31/08

I began this month musing about the lion and lamb aspects of March. It had a bit of lion about its beginnings. And now, as it fades away, it seems to be half lion and half lamb. A bit chilly, a bit windy, a bit rainy. Ah, but tomorrow... tomorrow is also supposed to be rainy and windy... but temperatures are going to be in the mid-fifties (about 12° or 13° for those of you who have metric weather). And then we should get two days of sunshine before rain again on Friday.

Ah, well, at least we needn't fear drought warnings for a while.

I have to apologize for my sparse posting here. The entire month of March is almost gone -- just a few hours left -- and this is only my fourth entry during the entire month.

Things have just been very busy around here. For some reason I've been very busy with work, not just the usual stuff, but it has also been the time of year when we have to write up our "personal business commitments" for the year (i.e., telling how we are going to do wonderful things... then at the end of the year we have to write up a report all about how successful we have been in achieving those promises).

And one of the big buzz words this year is accessibility. We've always had a set of requirements -- such as the use of Alt tags in our Web-based courses for all graphics (screen captures, architectural diagrams, charts, etc.) that describe what is being shown (for the benefit of the visually-impaired who might be using a text-to-speech browser) -- but now apparently the requirements are going to be much more demanding. So I'm taking it upon myself to quickly ramp up some expertise in this area.

And the tech conference is coming up in about five weeks and I'm presenting again so I've been looking at that, trying to get some stuff ready....

Plus Nancy and I are in a writing workshop. That just takes one night a week, but we also have to read stuff... and, even more time-consuming, we have to write stuff... but we are enjoying it.

Jill and I had a nice three and a half mile run at lunchtime on Thursday -- she was ready to go for another run on Friday but I was feeling tired and a little throat-scratchy and was concerned that I might be coming down with something, plus having tons of work to do. Nancy and I had a 24 DVD (Season 6, disk 3) and a movie (Calendar Girl) to watch but we ended up sitting around in the kitchen after dinner just talking until we were too tired to watch TV.

Saturday was a bit of physical labor in our yard. Several years ago I had gotten a huge truck load of topsoil -- 18 cubic yards worth -- which I used in my vegetable garden and for Nancy's flower gardens and when we put down sod to rebuild our front lawn -- but there remained a pile of dirt visible from the street that annoyed Nancy no end and which I kept promising to move. So Saturday I moved it. I lost count -- it took me somewhere between thirty and thirty-five wheelbarrow loads to move it into the back yard. Downright exhausting. So Saturday night we watched one episode of 24. Sunday we had dinner with Nancy's mother but when we came home we were too busy working (Nancy preparing her lessons for the week and me on my work computer doing more course editing, trying to get a headstart on the week) so no Sunday night DVD watching.

And now I've got to post this to the Web so I can have time to get downstairs and work out on the exercise bike (while Nancy is on the treadmill)... and then fix dinner (that will be easy since it will use leftover chicken parmesean from Friday, just need to add salad and vegetables)... and then maybe we can find time to watch another 24 episode.

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