Another Pi Day -- 03/14/08

Today is Day (3.14). As I believe I have noted at some point, Nancy's students used to have a lot of fun when she celebrated Pi Day in school. Students would bring in pies (or round cakes or cookies) and discuss Pi (what it represents, how it is useful, etc.) and then eat pie (and cake and cookies). However, as I mentioned last year, that health and safety regulations banned the consumption of home baked food in school. Now, the emphasis on "healthy" foods bans all pies and cakes and cookies.

Now, in honor of Pi Day, I am going to list the value of to the first million digits.

Oh, okay, nevermind...

So I had a fair number of entries posted in late February, did March 1st, then March 3rd, and then I blinked and it was March 14th. Where does time go?

I seem to be eating out at least once a week. Nancy and I went to TrinityRep to see a play and had dinner at Trinity Brew Pub. The next Saturday Jill and I went to 2nd Story Theatre to see a play and had dinner at Sakura.

We didn't go anywhere this past weekend (although we were at my mother-in-law's for dinner on Sunday, celebrating sister-in-law Janet's birthday), but on Monday night we went out to dinner.to watch a tennis match on television, Roger Federer vs. Peter Sampras in an exhibition match at Madison Square Garden (which was packed with people, some of whom paid a thousand bucks each for the prime seats). The match was going to be shown on a movie theatre screen over in Newport, but then one of Nancy's tennis friends had an idea and she checked with Casey's, a local restaurant that has multiple large flat panel television screens for showing sports coverage. They arranged to carry the television coverage and that brought us there for dinner, about a dozen of us at the start, but several more came in during the course of the evening. This is why I don't lose weight --> start with a beer, a Killian's Irish Red... watch the pre-match video of Federer at Wimbleton in 2001... order stuffed chicken breast for dinner, realize they have Guinness on tap and order a Guinness... things begin at Madison Square Garden... eat dinner... many noted tennis greats of the past are introduced... Federer and Sampras come out through theatrical fog and pyrotechnics like boxers or pro wrestlers... more introductions... eventually the actual tennis match begins... order another Guinness... watch tennis... order buffalo chicken fingers and another Guinness... eventually the tennis match is finished and we leave. I think I weigh about four pounds more than I did at the beginning of the evening.

Have to post this and dash out... We are -- guess what -- yes, we're going out to dinner. We're going out to the Cucina Twist to celebrate Nancy's mother's birthday along with Janet & Tom and a couple of their (adult) kids. I'll probably weigh another four pounds more by the time we get back home.

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