First fire of fall -- 10/21/10

We haven't had any really cold autumn weather yet.

Okay, we have had some cool weather and some places that are more inland in Rhode Island may have had light frost on two or three mornings, but here where we live, not that far from the coast and the moderating influence of the ocean, there has been no sign of frost so far this fall. Nevertheless, Nancy came home on Tuesday night (from playing indoor tennis in Warwick) and suggested that it might be nice to have a fire.

I brought a box of wood into the living room, sat down in front of our wood-burning insert, and opened its door. Before I could do anything else, I found I had a cat pushing his way in front of me. Tiger was definitely in favor of having a fire. I loaded wood into the insert and started a fire. Tiger settled down to bask in the warmth of the fire (even though it takes a few minutes before heat begins to radiate out into the room).

The picture above shows Tiger enjoying the warmth. (The golden glow is because I took the picture with the flash turned off.) Later on (as you can see below), Tiger snuggled up next to me on the floor. (No, I am not asleep -- I asked Nancy to take the picture -- but it was sure comfortable by the fireplace.)

Yesterday afternoon (below) Jill took my axe (well, technically it is a splitting maul) and went out back to attack some of those tree trunks I mentioned the other day.

And below you can see progress on rebuilding the front porch. (Taken late yesteday afternoon -- it wasn't really all that dark out -- just a few minutes after I took that picture of Jill -- but dark enough for the camera to want to use its flash which, in turn, made everything outside of the porch look like full night.)

The weekend is coming closer. We are supposed to have pleasant weather, a mix of sun and clouds. It is going to be a busy weekend. Jill and I are going to 2nd Story Theatre on Friday night to see Kimberly Akimbo. Saturday morning I'll be doing some more book sorting for the upcoming book sale. Saturday night Nancy and I will be going to Trinity Rep to see Absurd Person Singular. And then on Sunday I'm going to be again taking part in the Providence Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk (fund-raising to fight breast cancer).

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