A college reunion -- 09/25/10

Okay, not an official college reunion organized by the alumni association, just an informal get-together with my housemate Mike and Eileen, his wife.

Mike and Eileen were taking a cruise that started in Canada and then came down the New England coast, including a stop in Newport. A few weeks ago, when he realized that their cruise would have them in Rhode Island, he phoned me and we made arrangements to meet in Newport.

Mike and I have both added a bit of gray and a bit of weight since our college days. We had rooms across the hall from each other in the dormitory for our freshman year at C.W. Post College. For our sophomore year we got together with three other friends and rented an apartment off campus. I changed schools my junior year. As a consequence of moving to a school -- SUNY at New Paltz -- that had a completely different philosophy about what courses were required of all students, I found myself short of credits and needed to attend for an additional quarter. (New Paltz was on a quarter system rather than a semester system. Mike switched schools and, together with another friend, we rented a house on a country road a few miles outside of town. (That's the location of that photo of me and my VW Beetle on my index page.)

We mostly talked nonstop from when we met up a bit before eleven until Nancy and I dropped them off harborside just past 3:30 so they could catch the tender back to their cruise ship. As a backdrop to our catching up we drove past some of the Newport mansions and the campus of Salve Regina University, walked along the part of the Cliff Walk behind The Breakers, toured the Breakers, had lunch at the Tennis Hall of Fame, and wandered through The Elms. Time just flew by.

Mike and Eileen at the Tennis Hall of Fame

Somewhere I have an old album that has some pictures of Mike and Eileen and me back about forty-five years ago. One of these days I will have to find it and scan a few of them so I can share them here.

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