August sliding by -- 08/28/10

Another August weekend... and the end of August is fast approaching...

Yeah, I just taken three weeks off from writing here... it's been years since I've had a gap in entries that large... I just get busy with stuff... I mean I finish work between five and six o'clock and I am torn between working out and fixing dinner (and maybe running to the store first) and writing an entry to post here. I've been trying to be good about working out, so most nights I may workout (ride my exercise bike in the basement and lift weights or go for a walk/run) or I may fix dinner or workout and then fix dinner. As you have probably noticed, writing an entry for here has not overcome those other tasks. So... I often say I will do it later on but when later on comes, I am usually too tired and tell myself that I can do it tomorrow..

So... this picture (above) was taken a couple of weeks ago when Nancy and I went to the beach (East Matunuck State Beach). The first photograph was taken not long after we had arrived there, sometime around 10:30 in the morning. That is the ferry from Block Island entering the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, a lagoon made up of stone walls to shelter ships from the force of storms.

And below just a shot of the waves tumbling into shore.

This wouldn't be summer around here without airplanes overhead towing advertising banners... (This one is advertising the Nordic Lodge restaurant

I actually had those pictures (and a couple more) set for an entry I started to write one night more than a week and a half ago, selected the pictures and resized them to fit the page, set up a blank entry and inserted the pictures, sat back to look at the page... and woke up about twenty minutes later as Jeremy came down to the kitchen to fix himself a snack... and decided I would go to bed rather than finishing writing the entry.

I am gradually getting back into shape. Yesterday morning (took a vacation day) I used my one mile loop around the neighborhood -- walked half a mile, then jogged two miles, and finished by walking another half mile. Then, in the afternoon, Nancy and Jill and I went to the beach (the same one pictured above) and took advantage of low tide by taking a barefoot walk along the hard-packed wet sand at the water's edge, covering a mile and a quarter. Jill and I have signed up for the CVS Downtown 5k in Providence (three weeks from tomorrow) and, just for fun, have also signed up for a 5k in North Kingstown two weeks from today (they're advertising that race as being the "official tune-up 5k" for the CVS race). The CVS race keeps getting bigger every year. They are likely to have more than five thousand entrants this year!

Our film for the 48 Hour Film Project -- Providence got a trophy for "Best Use of Genre." Each team is randomly assigned a genre (i.e., by picking it out of a hat) -- our genre was "Comedy" and I guess this means that the judges thought we did the best job of making a film that was representative of our assigned genre. (We did get a good audience reaction at the screenings.)

And, for those of you who have been patiently waiting, here is our film. And yes, at the beginning and end of the jogging scene, Dan ("Mike") is actually playing guitar while on roller-blades.

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