Sixty-six -- 04/29/09

On the right, a series of pictures of Tiger on his chair in my home office.

He spent very little time there this winter, but now that the cold weather of winter has passed and I am much more open to having the window open, he is spending more time back in what has always been one of his favorite spots, observing the outside world.

(Well, observing the outside world and then catching up on his napping.)

The first three pictures closely follow each other in time; barely two minutes elapsed from the first photo to the third photo. The final one was taken about twenty minutes later, when I happened to glance over at him and noticed how sound asleep and relaxed he was, hanging off the edges of the chair on both sides.

I had cropped all of the pictures to fit in here, but I left the bottom portion of the 4th picture so you could see the steps Jill put there to make it easier for him to get up onto his chair.

(Although he does sometimes still attempt to leap up onto chairs, most of the time he more wisely sits and waits for one of the members of his crew of housestaff to come by and lift him up.)

Oh, the "sixty-six" in the title... today's my birthday.

Although we don't know his exact birthday (I'd guess sometime in mid May), the kids long ago decided that Tiger's birthday must be the same as mine. If so, then today is his sixteenth birthday.

Happy birthday, Tiger.

We humans are going out to the Mews Tavern for a birthday dinner, then retuning home to a Boston cream pie that Nancy has baked for me. I have a special can of cat food for Tiger's birthday dinner: "Salmon & Caviar Dinner."

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