April in New York -- 04/20/08

Nancy and I were in New York this weekend -- New York state that is. We went over to visit Nancy's sister Clara and her husband Paul on Friday night, went out to eat at the Blazer Pub in Somers (Guinness on tap, noted for good burgers, my buffalo chicken wrap was very good).

Then Saturday morning Nancy and I drove over to Croton-on-Hudson and caught a MetroNorth train into the city. The train travels along the west shore of the river, providing a good view of The Palisades, the awesome cliffs on the east shore of the Hudson. I wanted to take some pictures, but my camera was not cooperating. (I need to replace it. Jill accidentally dropped it in the kitchen a few weeks ago. At first it seemed to be fine, but its behavior has been increasingly erratic and it frequently just refuses to take pictures.)

Nancy was in full grandmother mode, having a good time with Milo and Sam in the playground by their apartment building on what turned out to be a very fine spring day.

With my camera frequently refusing to function, I was not able to take my normal eighty-seven thousand photographs, so my few pictures of Milo caught him in a moment of contemplation of some deep philosophical thought. His more normal expression is one of joy and laughter, a very mellow and happy baby.

Nancy had a wonderful time playing with Milo, exploring the playground equipment with him.
Sammy, of course, is very busy being a big boy. After all, he is in pre-K and will be five years old this summer. (That is truly amazing! And what I find even more amazing is that somehow his father -- whom I clearly recall being a toddler himself just a few weeks ago -- is going to reach the big four-oh in September. Uh, we won't mention the number I'll be hitting in not much more than a week from now.)

Adam & Leah are busy with concerns about school since Sam will be in kindergarten in the fall.
In the afternoon Nancy and I strolled over to Delancy Street and caught the F train to 42nd Street, and then walked over to Grand Central Station. As we entered the building Nancy looked at an electronic schedule board and saw that the next MetroNorth train we wanted was scheduled to depart in just two minutes. We dashed through the terminal and somehow managed to get on board with just seconds to spare. Less than an hour later we were in Nancy's car on our way to a family cook-out.

Nancy's brother Matt and his wife and son were in town (in a few weeks they will be moving from North Carolina to California) and so sister Karen and her husband Bob were hosting a cook-out at their house. Good food, good party, good people. Then back to Paul and Clara's for mugs of tea and more conversation. Then up early in the morning and back to Rhode Island.

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