Pizza feast -- 04/04/08

I suppose this all goes back to problems with automobiles.

Jeremy has needed to do some work on his car so he borrowed mine on Monday... I had told him that I had some kind of a problem with my car and asked if he could diagnose it for me while he was using it. I thought I might have a wheel that was out of balance. He called me from his cell phone after he got to campus and told me that my wheels were fine, I had a brake problem. The left front brake was seizing up -- it's been weeks since I've driven further than maybe three miles to a supermarket in my car, so it never got hot enough for me to notice it as more than an intermittent grabbing, which is why I thought it could be a wheel problem. (Hey, I do software, not hardware.) It took him much longer than usual to get back here from school as he had to keep pulling off the road to let it cool down so it wouldn't seize up completely.

So my car goes into the shop to fix the left front brake -- new everything plus labor -- plus (while I was at it) a new battery. Get my car back on Tuesday. Now Jeremy's car goes into our garage so he can work on it. It is still there, jacked up, driver's side front wheel removed so he can get at the engine. The task gets bigger as he has to dismantle things more and more. He is doing this engine repair in between school and work, so he does not have much time to spare. In other words, his car is still in our garage and he has my car.

Yesterday afternoon he phoned to ask what our plans for dinner were. Not much, I was just going to do something with leftovers, but Nancy & I had to leave the house before 6:45 to get to our writing workshop.

"How about some pizza?" he asked.

"Sounds great!" If you've been reading this journal for a while, you know that Jeremy makes fabulous pizza. He is currently working in the kitchen of one of those casual dining chains but he has years of experience in local pizza places.

His explanation was that he felt like doing something that was fun...

He baked them in our oven on pizza stones. These were very thin crust pizzas so he built each pizza on a sheet of aluminum foil, put it on the pizza stone in the oven still on the aluminum foil so that the toppings would cook nicely without the crust getting overdone. Then, at the right moment, he would slip the foil out from under the pizza, so that the crust would now be directly on the hot stone and after a bit longer in the oven would be nicely crisp.

Here are the four pizzas he made...

Start with a layer of a shredded mozzarella and cheddar blend, top with pepperoni, sauteed peppers and onions, add a tomato sauce (made fresh by Jeremy), and fresh (wet) mozzarella.
This one is made with an alfredo sauce, pieces of spiedie sauce marinated chicken, artichoke hearts, and the mozzarella and cheddar blend.
This one is feta cheese, spiedie chicken, pepperoni, sauteed peppers and onions, with fresh mozzarella on top.
Tomato sauce topped with the mozzarella and cheddar blend.
Then come two different combinations of toppings -- one half of the pizza is pepperoni with sauteed peppers & onion -- the other half is buffalo chicken plus onions & peppers plus slices of tomato. The entire pizza was then topped with feta and fresh mozzarella.

Every pizza was absolutely delicious.

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