Leap day -- 02/29/08

This is it, the extra day... enjoy it!

This is not just a leap year. For those of us in the U.S. this is an election year. (Of course although once-upon-a-time the political stuff would only have begun a few weeks ago, but now it has been going on for months.)

It has occurred to me that this is the fourth leap year and the fourth election year during which I've had this journal thing going. Oh, okay, so that is only partially true for the first one... since I didn't start the Web page until September of 1996, it wasn't in existence on leap day.. thus, no leap day entry. (There was no presidential election entry either... I jumped from writing about a flight to England in late October to a post-Christmas entry. And you may think that I sometimes have large gaps these days... I used to sometimes go months without updating!)

Four years later I did have a leap day entry... and it was titled Leap Day. Upon reading that entry I discovered that Nancy and I had just attended a presentation on an MBA degree. I remember the presentation but had not realized that it was eight years ago. I would have guessed it had been maybe four years ago. Time sure does fly. We didn't pursue it (if we had, we would have both enrolled in the program) because Jill & Jeremy were both in high school at the time but we knew we would soon be paying college tuition for them (which would take precedence over paying tuition for ourselves). (Note: don't be confused if you read that old leap day entry -- eight years ago I was not using Jill's & Jeremy's real names, instead I called them Jennifer and Sean.) Also, I was thinking that being almost 57 years old, it was perhaps a bit late to get another graduate degree. Now, as 65 is approaching in a few weeks, I think that was foolish because 57 is actually not old at all. A couple of years ago we went to a presentation on doctoral degrees (in education) and decided against starting in the doctoral program, but it was pretty much a 50-50 decision and could easily have gone the other way.

Four years after that I had another leap day entry... which I titled Say Cheese because it was all about cameras and photography. (And you may note that the address on that page is geocities rather than jimsjournal -- a reminder that I never completed the task of moving everything from geocities to my own domain name. That file and the files for the rest of my entries were all copied to the VerveHosting servers, but I've never finished updating the links. Well, that's something to do in my spare time...)

And now another four years and here we are at another leap day.

Hey, hope we'll all be here for the next leap day in 2012. And the one after that in 2016. That will be the year I'll be looking forward to celebrating the 20th anniversary of this journal. Hey, why not? The 12th anniversary is less than seven months away. (And I will probably retire somewhere between 2012 and 2016 so I should have more time available then to play with the Internet.)

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