Wood and metal and weather -- 02/12/08

I took a picture of our kitchen floor last night...

No, actually, that is not a photograph of our kitchen floor. I was just joking.

That is actually a sample of Jeremy's work in his automotive painting class at New England Tech.

Here's the artist holding his work. That was done with automotive paints on a sheet of metal using an airbrush.

He brought that assignment home to show us. He showed us cell phone photos of some other projects. One that I thought was especially awesome was an example of three-dimensional illusion, a flag rippling in the wind.

Needless to say, Nancy and I were very impressed by his skill and talent.

There have been a few random snow flurries coming down. Nancy and I are going out to dinner at Spain in Narragansett -- a get together of the group of people involved with the Narragansett Towers. We are supposed to get somewhere between an inch and four inches of snow tonight before it changes to a mix of sleet and rain sometime after midnight and then to all rain, probably continuing until tomorrow night. The storm is coming in with a warm front, else we'd be getting substantial amounts of snow. Yesterday I ran some errands just before noon and it was around 18 degrees (about -8 C). Right now it is just a bit below freezing. Thursday is supposed to be sunny and in the mid-40s (6 or 7 C)..

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