From fog to sunshine -- 12/02/06

Okay, I know that the temperatures are going to be dropping and in a couple of days we will have seasonable cold and a storm bringing us a mixture of rain and snow... but in the meanwhile, after a day of very interesting weather, we've just enjoyed a day with mild temperatures, blue skies, and bright sunshine.

Here's a picture of yesterday -- foggy -- very foggy. Yesterday started out mild but wet and foggy and then continued foggy. I went into town around lunchtime to get a gallon of milk and a few odds and ends and went a few blocks out of my way to take this picture of Point Judith Pond. Actually, as you can probably tell, this is really two pictures that I have somewhat ineptly cropped and merged together (I hadn't intended on making a panorama but when I pulled the pictures onto the computer I thought that it would be interesting to try to combine two of them.) Oh... a "pond" in Rhode Island can mean a body of salt water that is mostly surrounded by land -- the opposite end of Point Judith Pond from where I took these pictures is where the Block Island ferries come in to dock at Galilee. (There are some pictures taken at the open end of Point Judith Pond in this entry about the Blessing of the Fleet.) Let's see, if I've done this right, this will link to a Google satellite picture of Point Judith Pond-- the fog pictures were taken at the northern end (facing south) just a bit south of that highway and the Blessing of the Fleet pictures were taken down by the narrow opening. Hey, that really works! This is so cool. Here is a close up view of where I was standing when I took the pictures.

Then stormy weather arrived in late afternoon yesterday with rain and some wind gusts in the fifty mph range.

Today was a day to enjoy -- sunny and mild -- somewhere in the mid-fifties. Nancy was feeling much better today -- that cold and sore throat that had knocked her down this week seems to be clearing up -- although she was still feeling tired enough to ask me to drive her to town. We hit the library and then went to the Wakefield Mall (which the kids call the "Wakefield Hall" because it is a fairly small single-level shopping center with just a dozen or so shops plus a Staples on one end and a Shaws supermarket on the other). Nancy wanted to check out some stuff Staples had on clearance, and then go to Hallmark Cards and KB Toys and then to Walden Books. And then we came home for lunch.
Since today was such a pleasant and sunny day, let me attempt to dispel the gloom of the foggy scene above but inserting a bit of color. This was lunch -- a tuna salad. Yeah, but you know me, I can't just mix up some tuna and mayonnaise (with a bit of finely chopped onion and celery and parsley), I've got to put it on a bed of lettuce and add green beans and red onion and red and yellow peppers and cucumber slices and a sliced hard-boiled egg. Oh yes, and a sprig of fresh parsley. That's how mild our weather has been this fall -- my parsley is still doing well outside in the garden.

Late in the afternoon we went over to Nancy's school so she could pick up the work her students had done while she was out.

A quiet Saturday... Almost seven-thirty so I'd better get dinner on the table (it's been cooking while I've been typing)... and spend the evening resting from a day filled with such excitement and adventure. *grin*

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