First card of the season -- 11/30/06

The first Christmas card of the season arrived in today's mail.

It came from Gerry and Sue Vine, friends of mine who live in England. Postmarked on November 27th in a small town in Yorkshire, it arrived in our mailbox here in our small town in Rhode Island early this afternoon. That's rather quick delivery.

I guess I'd better get busy. I've not even purchased any cards yet, to say nothing of addressing and mailing them.

We will probably get our Christmas tree this weekend. It may be Gillian and I who go out to find a tree because Nancy is a bit under the weather this week.

She's suffering from the sore throat bug that seems to be going around -- Saturday night she began to feel a bit off and was definitely sick on Sunday. She popped extra vitamin C and zinc and went to work on Monday and Tuesday but by the end of the day Tuesday she had almost no voice left and was feeling terrible. She knew she wouldn't be able to go in on Wednesday so she arranged for a substitute teacher before she left school.

Her throat hurt so much yesterday that she could scarcely manage a whisper and had to have me call around to line up a substitute for her tennis match today. She also couldn't manage work today -- I brought in her lesson plans this morning and then came back home and drove her to the doctor's office. She now has three kinds of prescription drugs but the doctor also said she should not go to work tomorrow either -- she may also have conjunctivitis in one eye. Since she has arranged to have the same sub all three days, she has already e-mailed him lesson plans for tomorrow. (I've already been through the sore throat bug but now I am terrified of contracting the conjunctivitis -- I haven't had it in years, but used to get it a lot when I was a kid.) Apparently both this sore throat bug and conjunctivitis ("pink eye") have been going through students and faculty at her school. (Ah, the joys of teaching -- exposure to every bug that comes through town.)

I finally fixed my router problem -- went out and bought a different one. Yes, I actually went to my office, checked and found that the software client I had was the latest release, but I did find some information on router firewall settings and such that I printed to bring home, then hunted online and went to the router's "knowledge base" page and finally submitted a request for technical support, but I needed that connection to the corporate intranet and was getting very frustrated at wasting my time on this problem. Oh, I'm sure that if I followed the instructions that tech support for the troublesome router sent me, I could have eventually made the VPN IPSec work -- maybe -- but I needed that connectivity immediately -- I had already spent several hours struggling with the problem and learning far more than I ever wanted to know about firewalls and network stuff -- so I gave up and dashed down to Staples and bought a Linksys router, plugged it in, plugged in the cables, set a couple of passwords, and the VPN tunneling worked right away.

A week or two ago I signed up for Holidailies -- that is, I'm going to try to post an entry every single day from December 1st to January 1st. I've also made a commitment to myself that I will work out every one of those days as well. It has occurred to me that if we make an overnight or weekend trip into New York City, that will at least rule out a day or two, but other than that... and, actually, even with that as long as it's only an overnight trip.

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