Over the weekend -- 10/10/06

We had a very busy weekend...

I was swamped with work all week and then Friday evening had to dash off to the Towers to baby-sit the building for a wedding. Actually, it was a very pleasant group and I got to spend lots of time chatting with guests about the history of the building, etc.

So we got home a bit after midnight (remembering that I get up around 6 a.m. all week long) and around one a.m. I was heading up to bed when Jeremy came home. He is starting a new college career -- in the automotive program at New England Tech -- and he needed to order the clothing he needs for his lab courses. So we go online to place the order (with me wielding the magic plastic) and get his stuff ordered. Okay, so now it is two a.m. when I get into bed.

Bright and early in the morning... uh, oops, not quite so bright and early... we had intended to be up before seven but it is closer to nine when we stumble out of bed... and got ready for a trip over to New York State. We stopped on the way to pick up Nancy's mother.

The occasion was a party at Karen and Bob's (Nancy's sister & her husband) as their son and wife came to visit with their toddler daughter and their four month old son. The picture on the right is Nancy's mother holding her newest great-grandson.
We partied until dark and then headed off to Connecticut to spend the night with Nancy's sister Sue and her husband Mike and their daughter who was up from Washington for the weekend. (She had finished a master's in environmental studies at Yale earlier this year and has rejoined an environmental advocacy group in D.C. Yeah, okay, she's a lobbyist.)

Up bright and early Sunday morning to hit the road back to Rhode Island. We had to be home around ten because Nancy had to be at church by eleven. (On the way we suddenly came upon some kind of hot air balloon festival.)
This last picture has nothing to do with our weekend. When we got home Jeremy and a group of friends were getting ready to head off to King Richard's Faire and he asked to borrow my camera. When he came back, this was one of the pictures that had been taken there -- he and his friends chowing down on some of the "medieval" food available there. That's Jeremy on the right (hey -- that's my t-shirt he's wearing!) about to bite into a turkey leg.

I've never been to King Richard's Faire but it reminds me of when Nancy & I were in London back in 1979...

Ah, good old Internet... this Medieval Banquet sounds like the one we went to.. yeah, sure, it was an absolute tourist trap thing, but we actually had a very good time there and I think it would be fun to go again

Internet access was really poor last week... and then yesterday could not get online at all. Our modem was dead... so Cox Cable sent a cable guy today to replace it and all is right with the world. (Oh, okay, so the world has lots of problems, but Internet access has been restored at our house.)

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