Ten years! -- 09/26/06

Ten years...

Wow... it doesn't seem like ten years...

I can clearly remember the events of that night, the lunar eclipse, helping the kids with their homework, sitting down to write that first entry, A Lunar Eclipse.

September 26, 1996.

And here it is, September 26, 2006.

Ten years later, somewhere around 770 entries (within ten or so either way, that's an estimate, not an exact count).

Nancy was still a high tech computer person; it would be another two years before she would become a math teacher.

Adam was single (I don't think he and Leah had begun going out), living in New York, working as a free lance photographer, doing some television production work, sometimes working on some low budget indie movies as art director, production designer, whatever.

Gillian (whom I called "Jennifer" for the first few years of this journal) was in high school; Jeremy was in junior high (and I called him "Sean" in those entries, his middle name).

Tiger is still with us, although he is now a thirteen year old senior citizen cat.

I'm still with the same company, although I've changed jobs -- instead of designing and writing courses and also teaching them, I moved into a quality assurance role and spend most of my time reviewing and editing course material. One of the key reasons for that move was to avoid air travel; I miss getting to see various interesting places (especially travel to other countries) but the security lines and the hassles and empty your pockets and take off your shoes and more lines and the delays and flight cancellations and the cramped and uncomfortable coach seating, nope, don't miss that at all.

I am ten years older now than I was then... and sometimes I feel it (and sometimes I don't).

My original intent had been to build a personal Web page where I would post photographs and write essays about various things that interested me and sometimes post journal-like entries... The journal part soon took over the whole site and became the main thing I did on the site, rather than just part of it. I do post photographs (lots of them sometimes) but they usually have something to do with the topic of a particular entry.

I started on Geocities but a couple of years ago I registered my own domain name and moved to a hosting company (Verve Hosting and I have been very happy with them and recommend checking them out if you are looking for a Web hosting company). This August I did copy all of my Geocities archives down to my PC but I have not yet moved the bulk of those entries to my own domain. (One of these days...) I have also registered another site where I plan to post photographs (some writing but mostly photographs) dealing with the area where I live -- South County, Rhode Island -- but so far I have not been able to find the time to do much with it.

Ten years from now... wow, will September 26, 2016 arrive as quickly as today did? [2016! Now that really sounds like something out of science fiction!] I hope I'll still be writing stuff here... and hope you'll still be stopping by to read my ramblings...

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