Catching up --  06/03/06

We were very busy last weekend...

On Saturday Nancy and Nancy's mother and I drove over to New York State (to the Yorktown area in Westchester County -- for those of you not from the metro-NY area, that's in New York City's outer suburbs, about forty miles or so from the city).

The occasion was the baptism of the newest member of the family, the son of Nancy's youngest brother. (Photo: Nancy holding the baby.)
Here's Nancy's mother with Matt and Tammi and baby Jacob Robert.

Matt returned from Iraq a week before Jacob's birth earlier this year (he is a captain USMC).

In the background is the lovely old church Nancy's family had attended for years -- where many of her brothers and sisters were married and where many their children have been baptised.
Nancy's sister Karen and her husband Bob host an annual Memorial weekend party -- which this year also served as a post-baptism celebration for Jacob. We also celebrated niece Jen earning a master's degree from Yale plus the birthdays (15 and 20) of two other nieces.

This is in Karen and Bob's kitchen (that's Bob in the background, carving a ham) -- Jen, Nancy's mother, Nancy with baby Jake (she really enjoyed holding a little baby -- our grandson Sammy is going to be three years old in July) and Tammi.

And then we came back to Rhode Island on Sunday... really too tired to do much of anything other than watch an episode of Sopranos. That is the only TV program we watch on a regular basis, but somehow we are behind in our viewing. Thanks to HBO On Demand, we had watched the May 7th episode on Friday night and so on Sunday night we watched the May 21st episode -- but that still leaves us two weeks behind.

Jill and a couple of her closest friends (who have been friends since 8th grade) have been wanting to get parents together for an Apples-to-Apples party. (Yes, this is sort of the reverse of parents arranging play dates for their little toddler children.) As you can see from the picture on the right, they finally succeeded on Monday. (Yes, that gray-haired gentleman in the lower left corner is me.) Apples-to-Apples (which apparently won an award from Mensa as game of the year a few years ago) is one of the more interesting games I've come across in recent years (I think it can be more fun than Trivial Pursuit). The gathering was hosted by Mark and Amy -- Deirdre's parents -- and all of the parents played nicely and had a good time.

Julie (our painting contractor) and her crew finished up on Wednesday and Julie came back on Thursday to double-check everything and touch-up a couple of spots. The new paint looks great. I'd go outside right now and take a picture to show you, but it has been raining all day. There's supposed to be a 70% chance of showers tomorrow morning... but Monday is supposed to be nicer, so maybe I can take some pictures then.

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