Jobs I have held --  01/31/06

CosmicCrayolla did this meme and I thought I might try it (even though I have a vague memory of having discussed jobs in here, I don't think it was within the past year or two -- at any rate, after looking through a number of 2004 and 2005 entries, I didn't see it).

Jobs I have held (in rough chronological order approximate dates added in red)
  • Assistant in furniture store -- assist truck driver with delivery, stock room work, dust and vacuum showroom 1960-61
  • General help at small family type hotel in northern Catskills -- everything from washing dishes to baling hay 1961
  • Sweater warehouse -- mostly order picker, some packing and shipping 1962
  • Supermarket cashier1962-63
  • Supermarket third shift cleaning crew1963
  • Supermarket cashier and stock clerk1963
  • Discount store -- clerk in hardware dept.1964-65
  • Summer job -- 2nd shift -- mostly doing microscope soldering on connecting cables for the early IBM System 360 mainframes1964
  • Part time nights, miscellaneous assembly and testing work in IBM factory1964-65
  • Census enumerator (not one of the big every-ten-year ones, just short-term to see if a particular town qualified for additional population-based state funding)1965
  • Discount store -- clerk in photography dept.1965-66
  • Police officer (City of Kingston, NY)1966
  • 8th grade English teacher1966-67
  • Cameraman and general production assistant for educational television at a state college (summer job)1967
  • Teacher -- multiple subject areas -- N.Y. State Dept. of Corrections1967-68
  • Waiter in hotel dining room -- Catskills resort hotel (summer job)1968
  • High school English teacher1968-70
  • Sales clerk in menswear dept.1971-72
  • Life and health insurance agent1972-74
  • Security guard -- 3rd shift -- promoted to sergeant and made supervisor1974
  • High school English teacher1974-75
  • Computer operator (3rd shift high tech factory -- defense industry)1976
  • Computer operator -- university -- promoted to senior operator/shift supervisor1976-79
  • Programmer/analyst for administrative systems at a university1979-86
  • Adjunct faculty at a university -- teaching introduction to COBOL programming (i.e., part time -- for a couple of years while in programmer/analyst job at university and then for one semester while in systems analyst job -- then took a break for a couple of years and then did it again for a couple of semesters while working the senior business systems analyst job1984-90
  • Systems analyst in aerospace manufacturing -- promoted to senior systems analyst1986-88
  • Senior business systems analyst -- aerospace defense industry -- flight simulator manufacturing1988-95
  • Senior education specialist -- current job -- originally teacher and course developer in CICS/COBOL-based message-driven middleware systems, moved to server and Web-based technologies (J2EE Java application servers, Web portals, pervasive computing, etc.), late in 2003 moved to quality assurance role (which meant a major reduction in business travel and I get to work from home most of the time) -- editing, testing, and validating both Web-based training courses and instructor-led classroom and distance courses, also mentoring and assisting courseware developers in using the development tools, etc.1995--
The shortest job was census enumerator -- just part time over a period of two or three weeks. The longest is the one I'm in now -- I started in mid-October of 1995. Two thirds of the list (19 out of 28) were from before I was thirty years old.

My first job paid a dollar an hour. That was in 1960.

My first teaching job paid $5610 for the year (entry level pay was $5250 but I got extra for being halfway to a master's degree). That was in the 1966-67 school year.

I'm doing a bit better now.

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