After the Solstice --  12/22/05

So we've reached the Winter Solstice and for the next six months daylight will last longer and longer.


In the meanwhile, as I've commented in various places, this means that Christmas is only two or three weeks away, right?

I am so far behind... No, actually I am just far behind in two areas... sending Christmas cards and writing a Christmas letter.

This past weekend I realized that even if I got to the post office first thing Monday morning, some of my cards would not reach their destinations before Christmas... and I still hadn't put together a letter with pictures (yes, I have friends and family who do not read my Web page) and I came to a determination that Christmas cards don't really have to arrive before Christmas (and Chanukah lasts all next week) and I can call my Christmas letter a 2005 letter. Ahhh, that's a relief. (Yeah, really. And there's a big river in Egypt.)

This was begun as a Soltice entry but I was just too tired last night and went to bed with it unfinished so today I changed it from a 12/21 entry to a 12/22 entry and changed the title to "After the Solstice."

However, my Christmas shopping is almost done. I still have to pick up a cat toy or treat for Tiger and I like to find amusing little things to put into stockings and I have not yet done that -- but (thanks to the Internet) the bulk of the shopping is done.
The tree has been fully lighted and decorated.

As in every year since childhood, my favorite ornament has been careully positioned.
Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas: a Bugatti Veyron. It's only about a million three (yes, that is $1.3 million) but it is a lovely seven-speed one thousand horsepower 16 cylinder car that can hit 253 miles an hour. I like my 1999 Toyota Corolla, but the Bugatti is even nicer.

Last year about this time I pointed you towards "It's a Wonderful Life" -- 30 seconds long animated version with bunnies. This year there is a second Christmas movie available. Enjoy.
Jill and Tiger, dancing by the tree...

And I finally got our outdoor lights put up the other day so now we are no longer the dark house on our street.

I hasten to assure you that external decorations in our neighborhood are (for the most part) tasteful and restrained.

We may live in Rhode Island, but we are not in Cranston, RI.. (And you probably thought those inflatable light-up lawn decorations were tacky. Ha! Rhode Island scores again.)

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