Antique Cars -- 07/22/05

There was an antique car show on Wednesday at the Kinney Bungalow at Sunset Farm (You may recall me mentioning that Nancy and I sometimes work here as docents/attendants when the Town of Narragansett rents them out for weddings and parties, etc. -- just the same was with the Towers.)

This was part of a week-long coordinated festival jointly sponsored by a group of cultural and historic sites here in South County that got together this spring and decided to try coordinating activities and cross-publicizing each other's events-- Kinney Bungalow, The Narragansett Towers, South County Museum, Courthouse Center for the Arts, Smiths Castle, and the Gilbert Stuart Museum (Stuart was the artist who painted the well-known portrait of George Washington that appears on the one dollar bill). Judging by turn-out, this has worked very well this week.
This event at Sunset Farms was designed to tie in with the Gibson Girls night at the Towers.. with a turn-of-the century croquet match, a display of some of Gibson's drawings, and am evening concert of ragtime music in the Bungalow.

You will doubtless recognize the croquet players as being the tennis playing greeters from the Gibson Girl lectures.

Not much more verbiage, just some pictures of the antique cars...
There were some beautiful old cars This pumper was horse-drawn when it was first in use by the Narragansett Fire Department in the 1890s
A Model A Ford truck Yes, that is wood...
A 1910 White touring car... ... with the controls on the right-hand side.
The days when the trunk really was a trunk. (That sentence will not make sense in England.) Del's Frozen Lemonade -- the official state drink of Rhode Island (no, I'm not kidding...)
There were a few customized hot rods on display also. *sigh* -- and I know I'm getting old when an antique car show has cars I remember as the latest new models when I was a teenager.

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