Wedding pictures -- 07/02/05

My nephew Chad (my brother's son) got married this weekend -- and here are some pictures from Chad and Brandi's wedding.
The wedding was held at the historic Ponckhockie Congregational Church in Kingston, NY -- which had always been our church when we were kids and where my brother and his family still worship.

Nancy and Jill and I had been looking forward to attending the wedding but Nancy woke up in the middle of the night feeling very sick and to her very great disappointment had to miss the wedding. Jill and I drove over to Kingston on Saturday while Nancy had to stay home -- seeing her doctor and popping antibiotics.

This entry is going to be more of a photo album than an essay....
The traditional first dance...
And the traditional cutting of the cake...
And there was much dancing and feasting and drinking and more dancing, very much more dancing. (My feet were so sore that I had to pop some aspirin before I could get to sleep that night.)
Charlie and Donna.
Father and daughter picture.
My cousin Carol and husband Oscar.
Brothers. (I told you he was taller than me.)

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