Knocked for a loop -- 02/19/05

I've been sick.

Maybe I should get a refund from my flu shot?

I don't know what hit me -- it was something very flu-like -- and, after all, there are usually multiple strains of flu around, not all covered by the current shot.

The week started fine -- I went to the office on Monday, had a productive day, came home, had dinner, worked on homework for my Instructional Design course and studied with Jill for an exam in our fantasy lit course. As I was getting ready for bed I realized that my throat felt a little scratchy.

I woke up in the morning feeling very sick. Sore throat. Very sore throat. Nasal congestion. Fever. Aches.

I felt so sick that after Nancy left for work I went back to bed for a couple of hours. I logged on for an eleven a.m. conference call, sent e-mails to various people telling them I was sick and I would be signing off after the meeting, sent another e-mail to beg out of an afternoon phone meeting because all I wanted to do was get back to bed. The fever and aches were much worse and I was beginning to shiver with chills. I also e-mailed the lit professor to tell her I would be absent and to ask for a make-up for the exam.

Wednesday was the same except I felt much worse.

The fever broke overnight. I still had a fever all day on Thursday, but it was only a slight fever.

Yesterday the fever was gone. The sore throat was gone. The congestion and cough decided to stick around... but I actually got some work done, although probably at about fifty percent efficiency at best.

Today I still don't have any energy, but it feels so good not to be actively sick.

And my New England Runner 2005 Road Race Calendar came in the mail so I got to sit down with a yellow highlighter marker and highlight all of the local races I might want to run in this year. Oh, I won't run in all of them -- I think I highlighted thirty-five races -- some of them are on the same weekend (or even the same day) and there are other things I do besides run -- but it is pleasant on a cold February weekend to look ahead to spring and summer and autumn events and daydream a bit.

Given the congestion and lack of energy I'm still feeling, it will probably be another couple of days before I get back to working out. However, until this flu hit me, I hadn't been doing too badly in terms of winter workouts (thanks to the exercise bike in the basement) and I'm looking forward to being able to get out running on the bike path soon. A couple weeks of relatively mild temperatures and a few days of rain had really worked on the snow cover so that now we are down to isolated islands of snow in yards and left the bike path clear so that -- if not for having been sick -- I probably would be enjoying a run on the bike path today. We are currently back in the deep freeze for temperatures and there is a forecast of snow for Monday, but even so, winter will soon be replaced by spring.

Meanwhile, I still need to do the reading for this coming week's lit class and schedule the exam I missed and do reading for the instructional design course and logon to UMB and see what has been posted there -- I've not checked in a couple of days -- but I think that will have to wait for Sunday afternoon because I've used up my energy for today.

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