Snow to be shoveled -- 01/06/05

We're had a snowy start to the day. This picture was taken at 6:55 a.m. (about 17 minutes before dawn) as the snow comes down. Local schools had an hour delay, but shortly before 6:30 that was changed to school cancelled for the day. We are supposed to get (depending on whose forecast you listen to) either two to four inches or three to six inches of snow accumulation before it changes to a mixture of sleet and freezing rain. Needless to say, I'm working from home today (in fact, I started work about quarter to six and got quite a bit done before I decided to take a break and bring in the morning paper and take this photograph).

I saw in the news this morning that H. David Dalquest has passed away at age 86. He was the inventor of the Bundt pan. Until I read that news item it had never occurred to me that the Bundt pan had been invented by anyone in modern times; I thought it was something that had been around for centuries, dating back to colonial days or medieval Europe or something like that. He invented -- and patented it -- in 1950 -- and his Nordic Ware company has sold more than fifty million of them.

So... a busy morning of working. I had an eye doctor appointment at 3:15 but they phoned and asked if I would care to come in around two o'clock as they'd had some cancellations due to the storm. Okay. My last eye exam had been in the summer -- I appear to be at the point in life where they like to see me twice a year (I'd guess that The Old Grey Poet understands that) -- and my doctor had had me stop in for two or three tests in between times (these computer-based things where you look at a screen and click a button when a dot of light appears somewhere on the screen, kind of like playing a video game). I have a little bit of corneal dystrophy, but it does not appear to be getting worse. Today's exam included those dilating drops, so you end up with really dilated pupils and go around looking stoned.

I finished off my work day with a very long telephone conference call and, except for a few e-mails, ended work after that because I really could not cope with looking at the computer screen.

Oh... and I ended up not having to shovel any of that snow. Jeremy came downstairs just before nine o'clock in the morning and went out and shoveled the whole driveway.

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