Halloween Cat -- 11/01/04

Jill came by on Sunday afternoon -- and changed into her Halloween costume. She and her friends had hosted a Halloween party at their house on Saturday night and this was the costume she'd put together. It was almost like having a visit from someone from the cast of Cats. She stayed through dinner and greeted the first hour or so of trick-or-treaters in her costume. The purpose of her visit (in addition to the purely social/familial aspects) was to write an essay on my computer so she could use my printer. (She had been having driver problems with her printer on her desktop machine, so she had moved it to my PC where it worked just fine until one of the ink cartridges ran dry and after we replaced the cartridge, everything it printed came out very faint and no amount of running diagnostics or removing and replacing cartridges made any difference -- ain't technology fun! -- until I got sufficiently annoyed to go out and buy another printer.)

After dinner she went off to meet her boyfriend to go to a rock wall climbing gym. (Is there a better term for that kind of place?) It is good to be twenty-two years old.

Yesterday was a gorgeous Indian Summer day. I've only been running one day a week (because of my ankle) and yesterday was an ideal day for a run. It was very nice to be able to run comfortably in shorts and t-shirt on October 31st. I ran my three and a half mile route on the bike path, the same as I did a week ago, but it felt better yesterday, not as exhausting. Afterwards I soaked my ankle in a basin of ice water. Brrrr. It is a little sore today. I figure that as long as I can run three and a half miles, I ought to be able to get through the five mile run on Thanksgiving morning. ("Run" being defined as meaning "to jog slowly")

Election Day approaches... Now if only whoever wins, manages to win by enough of a margin that there would be no point in sending forth the lawyers on Wednesday. I fear that if Kerry has a thin margin of victory, some elements of the Republican Party will have learned from Gore's machinations four years ago and will attempt to pull some of the same tricks. And, if Bush has a thin margin of victory, the Democrat's legal machine will attempt to win in the courts what they couldn't manage at the polls.

I normally split my vote all over the place. In fact this year, on a local basis, I think I am voting very heavily for Democrats -- for town council, mostly Democrats, one Independent -- for School Committee, almost all Democrats -- for State Senate, Democrat.

Nationally... well, I wish the Socialist Equality Party were on the ballot in Rhode Island, I would solve my presidential choice dilemma by voting for them. You may ask why... you mean, of course, other than considering the poor choice between the two major party candidates? Did you click on that link? The vice presidential candidate for on the Socialist Equality ticket is named Jim Lawrence! How could I do other than to vote for that team? If only they had made it onto the Rhode Island ballot... Since they have not, my choice seems to come down to Bush or leaving the presidential line blank. I could not ever vote for Kerry -- I consider him to be a liar and a poseur -- by his own statements and claims in this campaign, he is either a moron or he thinks that we are morons. I oppose many of Bush's positions -- in fact, I probably oppose or disapprove of almost all of his positions and policies, and really only agree with him in two areas -- cutting taxes and pursuing a vigorous war against jihadist terrorist movements and any government that provides support for them.

In fact, I disagree with Bush in so many ways, that I would have leaped at the chance to vote for someone else. One of the reasons I have difficulty with this race, is that the rabid drooling moonbats who go around chanting "Bush=Hitler" or "He's not my President" get me so pissed off that I want to vote for Bush just to spite them... As an American citizen, I am personally insulted and offended by them. And listen, you jerks, if you are a U.S. citizen, of course he is your president. I have only voted for the winning candidate once in my life, but every president has been my president. (Yes, even LBJ and Nixon and Carter.) That is the whole basis of elected government. When you lose, you accept that, accept that the winning side holds office, and begin thinking about the next election. If you refuse to accept that loss, if you deny the legitimacy of the winner, you degrade the entire process and are as guilty of corrupting and harming civil democracy as the winners would be if they were to begin to persecute and arrest the losers. Those Democrats who specialize in Bush hatred are as wrong as those idiot Republicans who tried to impeach Clinton, they are harming the nation for their own narrow political interest and bias.

Of course, since I live in Rhode Island, it doesn't really matter how I vote because Kerry will carry this state by a huge margin.

The Democrats passed over their other candidates and for some reason picked Kerry, not because he would make a good president (I mean, c'mon, honestly, is there anyone who really believes in Kerry? I don't mean someone who hates Bush, I mean who actually has enthusiasm for Kerry as president?), but only because they thought he could defeat Bush. Their irrational hatred of Bush will either result in four more years in the White House for Bush or it will give us four disastrous years with Kerry. The best I can see from Kerry would be like four years of Jimmy Carter, backing away and bowing down to thugs and terrorists and dictators. The worst? I can easily see Kerry abandoning Israel in order to please France and Germany and the Arab nations (and to get an economic boost from falling oil prices) as his equivalent of thirty pieces of silver, leading eventually to the point of a nuclear war in the Middle East that could serve as the equivalent of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, leading to a world war. You think that is far-fetched? Just look at the blatant anti-semitism that abounds today, not just in the Middle East and not just in Europe, but among our own "anti-war" left wing. I can see it happening all too easily.

And I wasn't planning on making any political comments.

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