Six Oh-- 04/29/03

I did it.

I managed to make it to six oh -- the big six oh -- sixty years old.

Happy birthday to me!

Turning fifty seemed to be a bigger deal; you know, "half a century" and all that. I'm marking being sixty with much less fuss.

Oh, except that I realize that I am older than I was then... *sigh*

Maybe it's just having had that fractured heel that kept me from doing much of anything in the way of real physical activity for several weeks (not just no running, but no exercise bike either) but I'm going through a new round of realizing that I'm not exactly young anymore. [And yes, I am trying to be smart and not refracture that heel, have been getting in good workouts on exercise bike and doing a little lifting of weights, but I'm still holding off on running.]

Twenty-one thousand nine hundred and fifteen days. That's 365 times 60 plus 15 (for leap years).

Fifteen leap years -- that means fifteen presidential elections. FDR was president of the United States when I was born -- so I've lived through quite a few administrations -- thinking back to an American history course I took in high school where the course of study was organized by presidential terms -- I guess they's need to continue the course through the summer to accomodate the presidents since then (that was when Eisenhower was president). Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton... and now George W. Bush. A dozen different presidents.

Up early this morning thanks to sinuses, but the decongestants have helped a bit and as soon as I load this entry I'm going to see if I can get in a few minutes on my exercise bike. Have to go to work today -- have a major telephone conference call at 8:30 -- plus I know there will be an ice cream cake at some point this afternoon (it's become a tradition in my office to mark birthdays with an ice cream cake) -- and going out for dinner tonight -- have to do that early because the town meeting is tonight -- and then hope that the meeting doesn't run too late because Nancy made a Boston cream pie for my birthday cake and we'll probably do that when we get home from the town meeting.

Update: when I got to work today I burst out laughing when I discovered that my co-workers had decorated my workspace...

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