Happy Birthday to Me -- 04/29/01
b Yes, amazingly enough for such a young guy like me, fifty-eight (58!) years have passed since my birth.

It seems as if that number can't be right but I know that my youngest will turn sixteen in mid-May and my daughter will celebrate her nineteenth birthday a week earlier. (Or, as I pointed out to her recently, she is just 54 weeks short of turning twenty!) So, obviously I am no longer a teenager myself. And Nancy and I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary in June... And Adam, my eldest, the one who is getting married this summer, is thirty-two years old... Hmmm, so I guess those years have been adding up... And just to drive it all home, my 40th high school reunion is coming later this year.

Okay, okay, guess those numbers must be right, but...

We went to URI Friday night to see Twelveth Night. It was an interesting performance, fast-paced, played as broad and bawdy comedy, vaguely 1930's costumes, very nice use of cocktail lounge jazz music, very energetic, a nicely done Fool carrying a guitar and singing country style. It was especially interesting because we had seen a more traditional Shakespeare-in-the-Park performance in Westerly just two years ago.

Last night we went to Nancy's school to watch the middle school players present Annie, jr. (a scaled-down version of Annie , designed for younger performers). Annie had an excellent singing voice, (Miss Hannegan could belt out a number, too), Sandy was played by a kid in a dog costume, a moustache that kept falling off was handled with coolness and aplomb, and the entire cast and crew (all 5th through 8th graders) were enthusiastic and energetic. The teacher who served as chief organizer and director is nine months pregnant -- seriously! -- and the entire faculty was amazed at her energy and fearful that she would go into labor at any moment.

I've not been putting in the kind of running mileage I should be, mostly just doing one to two mile runs on my treadmill, and not doing it daily... I should have started ramping up weeks ago... well, just as with the gap in journal entries, I just let myself get too busy... And suddenly I find myself confronted with my birthday. In most past years I have made it a point to go out and run at least five miles on my birthday. This year, however, since my birthday falls on a weekend, I thought I would run in a race instead. I had been thinking about the James Joyce Ramble, a 10k race, up in Massachusetts... but I don't really feel up to a long drive, a six mile run, and a long drive back... There are a number of closer races... one of them, a 5k run, is being held right here in South County, so I think that's what I'm going to do. I'm not going to be racing this, just treating it as a pleasant Sunday exercise run with lots of other people keeping me company. (I did go out for a three and a half mile run yesterday, just to confirm to myself that I can run longer than two miles without falling apart.)

This is a beautiful day, looks as if it will be a repeat of yesterday. Blue skies, bright sunshine. I thought yesterday would get well up into the sixties but I don't think it ever broke the sixty degree mark. Today's forecast says the highs will be "in the mid 50s near the coast and around 60 inland" (and I'm only about three miles from salt water) so I guess I won't have to worry about it getting too hot. It's 51 degrees right now at eleven a.m. Time to post this and have another cup of coffee with the Sunday paper. Race time is one o'clock this afternoon.

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