Web design and sinuses - 02/20/00
I've got some ideas I would like to try out on this website. I thought that the HTML course I took this past week was pretty good -- a lot of the material covered, especially on the first day, was stuff I mostly already knew, but I did pick up some helpful tips and additional information, and when it moved into forms and frames and cascading style sheets and DHTML it was very helpful. So, I've been wanting to try out stuff here, something more than just changing background color every week or two or using tables to keep text from spreading all the way across the screen... and now I'm especially interested in playing with HTML and web design.

Never fear, I'm not going to suddenly switch to writing my entries all in lowercase in a tiny yellow font centered on a floral background. Naw, I'll move to that in gradual steps... *grin* I don't want to exactly make this look like an e-commerce site, but my goal would be always to have the text as clear and easy to read as possible.

My own lack of updating these past few days was due to fatigue combined with a sinus headache that lasted and lasted. I got home a bit past 6:30 on Thursday night, made the trip with just a quick pit stop, picking up coffee and a doughnut, at around the halfway mark on a 160 some mile drive. I was too tired to post my brief Feb 15th entry which was just sitting on the C drive of my laptop. I woke up Friday morning with a really bad sinus headache (I've blamed this on the forced hot air heating system at my hotel, but actually have no clue as to what really set it off). At some point I did add a poem (that I had posted to Pamie's Valentine's Day forum) to the section of this site that I had set aside to hold my writing (uh, that is, poetry and short fiction) but which I have never put to use. Of course the next day I realized that I had removed that section from my Index page, so there would be no way for anyone to be able to find it... so I then went back and added a link... duh... The headache lasted until this afternoon; in fact, I still feel a little pressure, but the headache pain is gone.

Last month I had an entry "where have all the journals gone?" prompted by sudden silence at a number of journals that I read. Dave Van of Sunshine Mud & Rainbows announced that he was packing it in, was no longer going to update his journal. Another site (Left on Red) that usually updated two or three times a month was silent for a month and a half. Immy (The Life) dropped her online updates. Rainy Day Stories went several days without an update....

Well, Dave Van apparently had a change of heart because he is back (with a nicely redesigned site), Immy has come back online but with a new name and address (but which I won't list here; those who were fans probably already know her new URL from her notify list). Amanda was apparently just resting her fingers for a few days. Left on Red did pop up two or three new entries.

But now Eleanor (no point in putting in her URL, she's not going to update) has announced a hiatus of some indeterminable length, although she says that she will be back... And Pamie has stopped writing... just a cryptic messsage and then silence (although her discussion forum has been filled with frantic speculation by fans)...

Ms_E, please don't stay away too long.

Pamie, hope all is well, please come back soon.

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