Time is flying! -- 08/24/2014

I've been busy lately. I crammed in a bunch of activities before I returned back to New York for school. I've been up here a week, settling back in with my cat. Before leaving, I went canoeing and hiking with my mom (I did not take any pictures of the canoeing, as water and electronics don't mix). We also visited the Washington County Fair and went out to Fat Belly's for some food and drinks.
Since being here I've visited a few different places and tried to get some relaxation in before the semester takes off.

This is the "super moon" from August 11th. I took the picture over in Narragansett as it rose over the bay.

Sign at the trailhead from the Kettle Pond Wildlife Refuge. From there we wandered over to the Kimball Wildlife Sanctuary and over to Burlingame. The knit rabbit pictured is Sir Tater of Tottingston, who often poses in pictures that I take.

Watchaug lake, picture taken from the beach front yard of several cabins in the Burlingame Campground. I think it'd be nice to stay in one of these someday.

I was happy to find some blackberries that had ripened. I was afraid that I would go back to school without getting to have any.

My mom and I walked around the fair. They had a barn filled with old household items. There were various old washing machines and other tools and machines. In one corner of the building some women were clusted around spinning yarn from wool.

We were at the fair, so we had to get a doughboy (coated with a "light coating" of powdered sugar)

There is a section of the fair that is filled with animals. One building is filled with chickens and rabbits of all sorts of colors and varieties. This was one of many exotic looking chickens stacked from floor to ceiling. Outside they have several cages filled with chickens and rabits that are for sale.
For some odd reason, my mom did not seem enthusiastic about entering a raffle to win a cow...

They had several tractors and ride on lawnmowers on display. Here are some that have been kept in superb condition.

My dad would always get a jar or two of quince jelly every year from the fair. It is really hard to find quince jelly. As exotic as some of the flavors of jellies and jams have gotten at the grocery store, quince never seems to be one of them. I was excited last year when I found some on amazon which I gave to my dad for father's day.
I had never had some before, but I felt like I should follow tradition and pick up a jar. I tried some and found it was pretty good (I was a little bit surprised, the name "quince" does not exactly shout "delicious" to the uninitiated). I have been enjoying some on an english muffin now and again.

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