Limping around the house -- 12/15/12

I'm not exactly ready to go ballroom dancing, but I manage to get around and haven't fallen since Wednesday. However, I do use the seat-of-my-pants method for going up and down stairs. (It's much safer.)

Actually, last night was the first time that I came down stairs since I got home from my Tuesday morning foot surgery. It was great to eat dinner sitting at a table. And then after dinner Nancy and I watched television. (Two episodes of season 2 of Dollhouse -- Josh Whedon's series from a couple years ago -- via Netflix streaming. We've been enjoying the show -- especially Eliza Dushku as Echo -- and were delighted that Summer Gau is appearing in some of the episodes.)

Sometimes the simplest things can be so good. I took a shower today. Two plastic bags on my foot held on and held closed by a foot or so of adhesive bandage tape and then two more plastic supermarket bags fastened at the top with duct tape. My foot stayed dry and the rest of me got clean. It felt like a great achievement... some sonorous soap opera voice-over should go with it.

And I'm so looking forward to my post-op checkup on this coming Tuesday when (I hope) the bandaging can come off and I can graduate from crutches to a moonboot.

My left foot and my crutches (yes, picture taken while seated on a chair)

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