Getting our Christmas tree -- 12/02/12

2012 entry #2

And today, the second day of Holidailies 2012, we went to get a Christmas tree.

"We" = Jill and Nancy (shown above appraising the tree we selected) plus yours truly went to the tree farm belonging to The Farmer's Daughter, where we have gotten our tree for the past several Christmases (actually, since they opened their cut-your-own tree farm).

Jill got to do the cutting this year (since she had missed the traditional gathering of the Christmas tree last year because she was living in Canada at the time). She has paused in her sawing because the weight of the tree was gripping the saw tightly. After taking this picture, I moved the tree enough to free up the saw so she could finish cutting it.

And she has conquered the tree!

And here Jill and I are carrying the tree back to the parking lot to be paid for and bailed up for easy transport. Yes, I am wearing a sweatshirt without a jacket -- the temperature was in the mid-fifties (although there had been some light snow two days ago).

And here's the tree on the roof of my car.

(Note the pair of work gloves on the roof of the car. Yes, you are right -- I drove off with the gloves still on the roof of the car. The tree made it home just fine but the gloves fell off somewhere along the way.)

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