Our weekend -- 11/19/12

I'm not quite sure where the weekend went.

It wasn't some kind of crazy weekend filled with running about and yet it seemed to just zip past.

Friday night we were invited to dinner by Janet & Tom at their house, celebrating their daughter's birthday. Don't think child, think young woman in her early twenties.

On Saturday I was working in my home office with two objectives -- one was to sort through all of the papers and stuff that just seems to accumulate on my desks (well, one desk and one table) and also to eliminate unneeded stuff from my file drawers, etc. -- and the other task was to generate a PDF file that compares two PDF files (one being the document as submitted by one of our course developers and the other being the same document after I finished editing it). I call it a document but it is actually a 1444 page book. It takes a while to generate it and then a bit more to look through it and double-check things. Yeah, I probably shouldn't be doing work on a Saturday, but I want to get this sent to the developer -- who lives in India and thus her time zone is ten and a half hours ahead of me and so by the time I boot up my computer on Monday morning, she will have had a full day to examine things. (And, indeed, when I checked my email at 7a.m. there was a response waiting for me -- she agreed with all of my changes.)

Jeremy and Maggie came over on Saturday afternoon do some planning and shopping and test cooking for Wednesday night. Since we have so many family members coming in from out of state, Nancy and I began hosting a night-before-Thanksgiving get-together at our house that has become tradition. Last year Jeremy held forth in the kitchen doing one of his famous pizza-making marathons. This year he thought he would like to make some interesting hors d'oevres. (Never fear, he is also going to do pizza -- and this year, instead of buying a bag of dough from a pizza restaurant, he is going to make his own dough.) So, we had a taste-testing of some of the proposed hors d'œuvres.

There are a couple of different kinds of home made crackers and a small bowl of home made potato chops as well (all gluten-free). That plate just to the left of the middle of the photo has four or five kinds of cheese. The bowl just to its left has tomato jam. The bowl to the right of the cheese platter has a cooked pear sauce, and to the right and just a bit above that is a bowl of red onion marmalade. (The cutting board in the middle of the bottom of the photo has thin slices of marinated cooked steak.) The idea is to build your own hors d'œuvres by putting combinations of interesting things on crackers.

It was all delicious.

Wednesday night is going to be a very tasty event. (In addition to the goodies Jeremy and Maggie are making, Nancy and I are going to make lasagna and various other comestibles.)

And then there was Sunday -- grocery shopping plus more shuffling through stuff in my office and trying to catch up on Boardwalk Empire (I am a few weeks behind) and today I am not working (except to upload the course I've just finished reviewing and do about an hour of virtual paper work). In fact, as I think I mentioned a couple of entries ago, I am now finished with work for the rest of the year.

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