September ends -- 09/30/12

Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September

September comes to an end. The days are getting shorter... the sun rises earlier later each morning and sets earlier each evening....

Today is Adam's birthday. I can try to ignore the ever-increasing numbers on my own birthday, but to have my first-born reaching his 44th birthday... Well, if my own child is beginning to get within sight of being considered middle-aged, then that must mean that I am even closer to hitting middle-age myself.

I mean... I can remember being 44 -- Adam was finishing his junior year of high school, five months short of hitting 17; Jill was a week and a half short of being five; Jeremy was two and a half weeks short of being two. (Yeah, we are a Taurus triple.) I wasn't in bad shape then despite having reached such a ripe old age -- If I recall correctly, I had run in a 15K race in early April and was training for a 20K race in June. Adam, however, is probably in much better shape now than I was then. He doesn't do much running (despite being the person who got me into running) but he has been a vegetarian since he was 18 and he walks for miles and also bikes.

The neighborhood deer herd has been rough on our back garden this summer. This has Nancy quite annoyed because she and Jill planted most of the veggies back there -- especially the tomatoes and peppers and squash and eggplant. She rescued some of the pepper plants and transplanted them to a couple of planters that she put on the railings of our back deck. To her delight, she has been able to harvest some small green peppers over the past couple of weeks. And vegetable production continues -- and the weather forecast is for at least another week of seasonably mild weather -- no frost yet. Below you can see a tomato plant that she moved to a clay pot and placed on the back deck. It is just now producing tomatoes.

And yes, Jill and I were in another race this morning. This was our third 5K race this month (plus, of course, she had done that half marathon a week ago). It was a nicely laid out fairly level course (around Goddard Memorial State Park up in Warwick) sponsored by Kent Hospital.

It was an out-and-back course -- and when I saw her coming back while I was still running outbound, she was moving very quickly. She says she thought she was on target for a 5K PR (runner jargon for setting a new personal record for a given distance) as she passed the 2 mile mark -- but then, about a half a mile from the finish, she felt a searing pain in her Achilles tendon and had to limp/jog to finish the race. Her time was not that bad, considering that she was struggling, and limping, so I am sure she would have scored a definite PR, by a good margin; any runners reading this will understand her annoyance and disappointment.

Jill gets out of work at eight tonight; we plan to go to Fat Belly's Pub for some Ten Penny Ale and a pile of buffaque wings. (Traditions are good things.)

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