A good run -- 09/16/12

Jill and I ran the CVS Downtown 5K race today.

We were both pleased with our results. And now we both need to work on improving our times... It's not that we are in any danger of beating the first dozen or so runners to cross the finish line. Actually, in a big race like this -- several thousand participants -- and it also seres as the USA Track & Field 5K championship (including prize money) -- we are both far out of competition with the elite runners (it's just that I am way further back than she is).

How fast are these people? Well, the first 42 finishers completed the 5k course at a per mile pace of under 5 minutes per mile. The 43rd place finisher ran it in 15:30, which is a pace of exactly 5 minutes per mile. The first eight finishers all completed the 5K in under 14 minutes. The winner finished in 13:52, a pace of 4:28 per mile.

The traditional post-race father-daughter photograph.

Jill ran the course in 23:49 -- that's a 7:40 per mile pace. That is a personal best for her for this course. I ran it in 32:25, which is a 10:26 per mile pace. Okay, that looks pretty lame compared to her time, but she is 39 years younger than me. Actually, that was easily my best time this year. It was also better than any time I ran last year and better than 2010 also. I would have to go back to the 2009 edition of the CVS 5K to beat today's time (and that was only by 12 seconds per mile). My best time for the CVS 5K was back in 2000 when I did it in 25:49 (at an 8:19 per mile pace) -- but I was only 57 then.

Jill has signed up to run a half marathon next weekend... and then we are talking about entering a 5K race on Sept. 30th. We both need to work on speed (it's just that our definitions of speed are no longer on the same part of the chart). I also need to work on distance because our traditional Thanksgiving Day run -- the Newport Pie Run -- is only a bit over two months away. That's a five mile run. (Hey, it's a good way to work up an appetite for Thanksgiving dinner, right?)

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