Sam in Rhode Island -- 09/03/12

We just had Sam, our 9 year old grandson, spend Friday through Monday with us. We had a wonderful time... and I am going to show you some pictures because I do not know if I have enough energy left to write very many words... you see, the day before I went into New York to pick up Sam, Jill and I had spent several hours hiking in the Blue Hills of Massachusetts. (I will put up some pictures of that trek in a day or two -- but first I want to post these pictures of Sam's visit.)

If you recall my entry from early March about a trip Jill and I made to New York City, my grandson Sam has a bicycle that he loves to ride. So, when we planned a visit for him to Rhode Island -- without parents and without younger brother -- just same and us -- I knew I needed to have a bicycle for him to ride. So we borrowed one (an intra-family bike loan) and Sam packed his helmet into his duffle bag for his visit. On Friday morning I headed down to NY via Amtrak, met Adam and Sam in Penn Station, and then Sam and I took Amtrak to Rhode Island... and shortly after our arrival (but after milk and cookies) we set off for a bicycle ride along the bike path.

His bike at home had 18 inch wheels and this one had 20 inch -- and his bike was a one speed (which was normal back when I was a kid, except for a few kids -- not from my neighborhood -- who had 3-speed "English racers") and braking was done via reversing your peddling -- whereas this bike was a ten-speed with braking via levers on the handlebars. But, as you can see (above) he quickly got the knack of this bike -- and (as you can see below) he rode all the way on the bike path to the train station -- and back to our house again -- making it an eight mile round trip.

On Saturday we went to Matunuck State Beach where we went swimming and Sam and I walked to the east end of the beach and then to the west end and then back (a bit over two miles), he dug in the sand, etc. -- and then when we came home, after four hours at the beach, it was time for another bicycle ride. He was eager to travel in the opposite direction, so he and Nancy and I went down through Peace Dale and Wakefield, to the eastern end of the bike path, and then back up -- at which point Nancy came home while Sam and I continued on to the train station and back again -- so he covered almost 14 miles of bike riding that day.

On Sunday morning we went over to Jamestown to the shore area (Fort Getty State Park) where Nancy and I had gone last summer to gather various sea shells for her to use in her classes

We were pretty hungry by the time we had finished exploring the shore, so we stopped for pizza, then went home and Sam and I rode to the train station and back again on our bikes -- another eight miles round trip. Then Nancy's sister Janet and her husband Tom werehaving a cook-out -- and Sam and I went swimming in their pool before dinner.

Today Sam and I headed into Connecticut where Adam met us in New Haven and now Sam is back home in New York. We had a great time... and, yes, as soon as I post this I am going to go upstairs and read in bed for a little while (probably about five minutes) before falling asleep.

I have to work tomorrow. It will be my first day of work since August 17th. (Oh, okay, I did call in and spend an hour or so in a conference call on the 20th, but other than that and checking email, I have not worked since the 17th.)

I really am going to replace the comments app -- someday real soon....

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