Getting back to normal -- 07/27/12

Well, it's taken more than a week and a visit to my doctor's office (and an antibiotic and cough medicine with codeine) but that "summer cold" that attacked me last week appears to have been vanquished. Oh, I still have a clogged head and a cough, but that is left over debris, like the broken tree branches and the downed electrical lines after a storm has moved through.

I was tempted to go out and jog a couple of miles today, but I decided that would not be a very good idea -- much too likely to result in a coughing fit. So I lifted weights and such for a few minutes in the basement (and, yes, that did make me cough).

I still expect to participate in the Run4Kerri four mile race a week from this coming Sunday, but rather than "running" I will be alternating running and walking. However, the setback from this cold has increased my desire to train up for a pair of 5K races in September. I have been (slowly) losing weight and I aim to continue doing so.

Jill is running in the Narragansett Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile road race today (6 pm start) and I will be dropping her off down there and then picking her up following the race.

She was trying to talk me into training for it but I've run that race and I knew that (1) there was no way I had enough time to train myself up to running ten miles and that (2) given the pain my bunions would cause me, there is no way I could survive that amount of running without bunion surgery first.

But I must admit it is a tempting target, to do the Blessing of the Fleet one more time. Maybe next year. After all, I will be in a new age bracket...

Meanwhile, in my brother's adventures with his foot surgery... he is now able to walk a mile... and is back on a bicycle. Well, not on the roads yet, but he's now able to use a spin bike (as in spin classes) and also can ride with his bike on a trainer. Well, let me just quote him (stolen from his Facebook posting a couple of hours ago)..
Put the bike on the trainer... and rode for one hour in the driveway... right foot still won't fit in my cycling shoes with straps pulled tight - so I rode with the right foot strapless! Felt great to get the blood flowing... look out Death Valley and Jubilee Pass cause I'm coming at you in 85 days... to help put an end to diabetes by riding the Ride to Cure Diabetes... for the 10th time !

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