July? What happened to June? -- 07/01/12

June just got started and then it's over. Only thirty days (it seems as if there were only a dozen or so...) and then suddenly it's July.

I like June but it always seems as if it is over before it's halfway through. Maybe we could take some days from March and move them to June?

I've nothing against July. It's a perfectly fine month, filled with summer fun and summer weather and it has 31 days... I'd just like to have June stick around a while longer... or, at least, not zip past so quickly.

This has been a difficult entry to write because of the weather. It had been a bright hot sunny summer day. Nancy had gone off to play tennis at a Sunday morning drop-in league (where whoever shows up gets matched with someone else until all the courts are taken) but got there too late to get a match (she'd misremembered the starting time)... so she called me (where I was on the back deck, diligently drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper) and asked if I would like to meet at the YMCA for a workout. I had been figuring on a run around the neighborhood (thinking of the 4-miler coming up on Wednesday) but working out at the Y sounded like a reasonable alternative, so I changed and zipped over there. Nancy did a Nautilus circuit but I decided that I really should be working on running... but non-stop running on a treadmill seemed to be deadly boring... so I got on a stair-stepper and dashed up 15 floors or so as a warm-up and then got on a treadmill. After fifteen minutes or so of jogging on the treadmill, I went back to a stair-stepper and climbed stairs for 16 minutes... and then back to a treadmill to jog another mile. Got my workout in and was back home by a few minutes past ten.

So late this afternoon, I sat down at my computer to write up an entry and just as I brought up Homepage Builder, it began to thunder... and then the power flickered... more thunder & lightning... rain began to pore down... oops, my car windows are open!... Dash out -- can't close windows -- they're power windows and I didn't have my keys -- run back inside, get keys, then out in the rain again -- windows closed and I dashed back to my computer, wondering if I should shut down -- boom! -- no power. The power was only out for a minute or two, but I then decided to turn off the computer until the storm had passed.

This is not going to be a big athletic triumph for me on Wednesday. Jill and I ran that 3-miler at the beginning of March and after that I swore I would be diligent about training for the James Joyce Ramble 10k at the end of April. Hah! So after that I swore I would be diligent about training for the 4th of July four mile run. Nope, didn't happen. Oh, sure, I have worked out and have gone out jogging -- but not anywhere nearly as much as I should have. So -- now what? Well, now that I am switching to a 60% work schedule, what excuse can I possibly have for not training? Thus, I am looking forward to this year's Run4Kerri, another four mile run taking place on August 5th. No excuses this time -- since I will only be averaging three work days per week, I can have not excuse for not getting in four and a half weeks of training.

And now another collection of thunderstorms is coming through, so I am signing off...

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